Jen Foster on Women and Song


AE: So when it comes to things other than your music, such as say a music video; is that something that intrinsically is gay because it’s part of you? It’s going to have some sort of lesbian angle to it?
Every artist wants to be thought of as an artist first. Someone who is creating compelling work that people are relating to, that’s translating to people. Being gay was never a marketing tool for me because honestly, if that were the case, I would have chosen to go the opposite way. It definitely does things.

I live in Nashville, which is the Bible Belt. I would never be the girl showing a lot of cleavage and working that sexuality of it from a young age to get noticed. That was never me. I’m kind of a tomboy; I live very comfortably and wear clothes I’m comfortable in.

Being gay might have hurt me in terms of success in my career, but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m keeping my head above water financially speaking. I’m starting to get my music out to people and to me, that means more than being Pink or Sheryl Crow. Though that would be nice!

AE: What do you hope to accomplish with your career?
I love the path that I’m on. I would love to see [“I Didn’t Just Kiss Her”] be embraced by the gay community, as much as we can get it out there. I would love for it to transmit over into the mainstream.

Ultimately, I want to bring what I’m doing into the mainstream. I want to bring the gay culture more out into the mainstream. I think that’s kind of an important effort for those who feel it’s important to go ahead and do it.

It’s all about building tolerance, and getting out there that we’re not so different. I’d love to see my music reach any level it can get to … I would love it to reach both sides because it means something to people, and it can cross those barriers. Hey, I’m just doing my thing, being me and I’d love to see it go somewhere. Not too much to ask!

AE: Do you feel like you might have any pressure on you to create a song now that is similar or the same sort of thing for new fans to be interested?
JF: Yeah, and I mean I’d be open to that. I actually have a lot of ideas going through my head. All different kinds of genres, and other ideas that live in my head, that is in that “I Didn’t Just Kiss Her” realm.

And if it takes off, and people want more of that, than it would be easier to just go for it because I know that I’m going to put the investment into that and it’ll come back to me. I just kind of put all my irons in the fire and see what kind of lights up, and follow my heart and what seems to be working.

AE: What else are you working on now?
JF: Getting the single out there as much as possible right now. I play a lot of house concerts for my fans … I love doing it. I love that intimate and cozy setting, telling the stories of the songs. I’m also going on a Sweet cruise in November in the Caribbean.

I’m putting out a record very soon of 11 new songs. The album has a tone more in the vein of Sheryl Crowe and Sarah McLauchlan-ish and I’d say “I Didn’t just Kiss Her” is more Anastasia/Pink. The record is going to be called 39 and should be out in a few months.

AE: Do you have any plans to make a music video for the single?
JF: I’m talking to a few different female directors that I like and kind of just exploring the possibilities for it. I’d love to get a high-profile girl. I’d love to get somebody from The L Word to be honest, or Portia de Rossi. How cool would that be?

I’m also doing a club mix of the song by a few Djs … So that’s something that people can look for in the next couple of months.

Learn more about Jen Foster at, and watch her music video for "Closer to Nowhere" here.

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