JD Samson, so much more than “that girl from Le Tigre”

JD told LA Weekly that she has continued to be in the public eye since Le Tigre has been on hiatus, which is something that has worked in her favor but also against her, in her opinion.

I feel like [since the hiatus started] I’m kind of in the public a little bit more and go out around the world and party and stuff, just socially, and I think that I really worked really hard to make myself visible for lesbians, and that was really, really important to me and I’ve worked really hard to do that, I made a calendar and I was … I was obviously putting myself out there to be both admired and hated.

I think the Internet has been weird. It’s been really rough. Seriously, even last week or two weeks ago I did an interview with the New York magazine blog and the comments — I haven’t read comments in a really long time, which I feel lucky about. But I started reading and seriously, there were, like, 50 comments about how ugly I was, if I was a boy or a girl, that my answers were boring …

Seriously, everyone was talking about, "What gender is this person," "This person’s so ugly," and I couldn’t believe it, I posted it on Twitter like, "This is ridiculous, look how people can be on the Internet," and of course next thing that happened was this huge conversation between all of my fans and the people that were writing in to New York magazine.

But I was shocked. It’s still there.

On the flip side of things, JD is also a queer sex symbol. Like the calendar she mentioned, JD has become the poster woman for gender ambuiguity and, in the documentary, Johanna says that JD is the "secret Justin Timberlake of the group," with fans sending champagne and roses to JD and offering their numbers to her before and after shows. And in LA Weekly, hew new bandmates offer the same sentiments.

O’NEILL: But in a weird way, because they were obsessed with JD. It was these big, beefy jock dudes who were, "I just wanna shake hands with the li’l man. I just wanna shake hands." They were obviously curious, but they didn’t know how to relate to that feeling.

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