“Janet King” recap (1.6): Moreno, Mo’ Problems.


The next step is to get Mia Blakely to testify against Nelson. Her brother strenuously opposes this course of action, either out of a desire to protect her or to quash these unpleasant family secrets. Maybe both. On the stand, Nelson’s attorney has the audacity to accuse Mia of “having a crush” on Nelson. He is actually blaming a seven year-old victim. It’s brutal. One of the most remarkable things about watching Janet King for me as an American, is that the Australian legal system is plagued by the same problems and prejudices as we have here. If it weren’t for the wigs and the deplorable liberties taken with the English language, all this could be happening here. That kind of victim blaming certainly does happen here, in court rooms and police stations every day.


The experience leaves Mia badly shaken, so much so that she refuses to testify again. In the interest of keeping the pressure on Nelson—and by extension, getting to sleep with her wife again—Janet decides not to reveal that Mia has backed out. I guess we’re supposed to be surprised that Janet is bending the rules now, but it’s exactly what I’d do in her position.

Oh and also we learn that Lina is infertile, probably because of stress. Not sure how that has much bearing on the rest of the action, but it is a thing that happens.

After this exhausting day Janet just wants to see her family, but her bodyguard forbids it. He does say that if she wants to have the woman with whom she allegedly an affair over for drinks, well that would just be a swell idea.

The combined effects of loneliness, fatigue, and alcohol are responsible for some of the worst decision in human history. So right from the moment I see Janet and Erin gulping scotch in a dimly lit room, I am worried.

janetking6.9GUYS, NO. DO NOT DO A STUPID.

Because, let’s face it: there’s a spark between them. And that doesn’t have to mean anything; it doesn’t even have to be inappropriate. Because Janet is really and truly in love with Ash and their children. When she talks about them, my fears for her behavior are completely allayed. But Erin doesn’t have that kind of a family. What she has is a lot of stress and an unstable career and only one person to share it with. So when she leans over and kisses Janet, it is bad and sad in the most human way possible.


Almost instantly, Janet pulls away, and as much as I worship at the shrine of hot lady kisses, I’m grateful that this doesn’t go further. My real fear is that—given what a big role hidden cameras have already played in this season—we may not have seen the last of this kiss.

The next day, Richard’s hard work pays off and he finds evidence that Renmark has been cooking his judgments into “a judicial soufflé.”


Janet takes the new information straight to Rizzoli, who is like “Thank you so much for telling me and only me about this. Now give me all of the evidence and the addresses of everyone else who knows.”

Afterwards, Janet is about to finally see Ash when she runs into Renmark. Renmark says he knows Janet is looking into his record, and threatens Janet’s career if she doesn’t resign immediately. Guys, I think he has a picture of that kiss.

We at least get to end on a good note when Janet goes to visit Ash’s safe house, and just breaks down weeping with relief to see the people she loves. I can think of so many TV lesbian couples who spent half of their screen time making out and never felt as real or special as this little family. Good on ya, Aussies.


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