“Janet King” recap (1.4): Truth and Consequences


Back in Janet’s domestic life, she returns home to find the nanny has stayed late because Ash has been out on Mysterious Business, for which she felt the need to get dressed up. That certainly doesn’t bode well. The whole scene—someone else giving Janet’s kids a bath and someone else giving her wife a reason to put on eyeliner—is geared to show you that her family is slipping away.

Back at work, a young criminal out on bail comes forward to confess that the Vasliches hired him to bury Blakely. He knows things that only the burier (or the cops investigating) could know, so Rizzoli is ready to give him his plea bargain and call this case closed, but Janet thinks this is all a bit too convenient.


Back at home, Janet gets a call from Ash asking her to look up a phone number on her laptop. This is clearly one of those adorable irritating things that Ash does all the time, so Janet rolls her eyes and pulls up her wife’s email. But on it she finds something unexpected: an email from a school thanking Ash for coming to her recent interview and scheduling a follow-up appointment to formally offer her a job. Ash, girl, don’t you know not to direct someone to your Super Secret Email if you don’t want them to read it? Rookie move.


To make matters worse, the next day the man who confessed to burying Blakely leads police straight to the shovel with which he allegedly did the deed.  With that evidence, the police insist she prosecute him, but Janet refuses to be steamrollered again. She looks to Tony Fillies for backup and they have the following (real) exchange which I’m including in its entirety because I love it so much.

Tony: We can’t let emotions cloud our judgments.
Janet: By “we” you mean “me.” I’m too soft now, am I? Mother of young children, is that’s what you’re saying? Because it’s bullshit.  I’m still one of the best prosecutor in this place, and if I have a feeling about Dianne Vaslich, it’s not hormonal, it’s intuitive. And it is a product of years of hard work.

It is a speech worthy of Bette Porter. Actually, in terms of Type-A lesbians, I think Janet King is the Ravenclaw to Bette’s Slytherin. Unfortunately, Gillies still outranks her, and makes her prosecute the burier. As if this day couldn’t get any worse, next Janet and Ash meet for dinner.

janetking4.9Well you both look fabulous, at least.

Janet finally brings up the subject of the job interview email and Ash replies “You read my private messages?” At which point my girlfriend, who does not even watch this show, piped in “YOU ASKED HER TO, DUMBASS.”  I concur.  Janet says she feels betrayed and Ash replies that she feels ignored and had to seek her validation elsewhere.  I mean, they both have points: Ash should have been up-front about her feelings, but surely she felt afraid to show weakness to a wife who is so unfailingly strong. However much it distresses me to see them fight, I think this scene shows off what fantastic chemistry these actors have as a couple better than any previous encounter.

The next day, Janet does what all good actors and lawyers do with their rage: she uses it for work. When she gets the alleged burier on the stand, she grills him until he blurts out that he buried Blakely with a BASEBALL BAT, not a cricket bat.


The case is declared void, and Janet hopes that the man will reveal who paid him to lie.

But that has to wait until next week, because in the here and how, Lina finds out that the child porn guy was convicted of child rape several years ago, and this information makes her lose what little objectivity she had left. She follows him to a school, where she sees him pick up a young child. She races out of her car and attacks him, only to learn that the child is his daughter, and she just seriously damaged her case against him.

Finally this week, Janet is leaving work when she is accosted by Danny Novak, who has one of the most serious cases of Villain Face I have ever witnessed. He tells her, predictably, that she is embroiled in a conspiracy that goes straight to the top.

janetking4.11Actually it goes straight to the middle, and then just sort of plateaus.

He also says, very interestingly, that if Janet is looking to open a big can of worms, she should ask herself why Alex Moreno (the child porn “artist” of episode one) was acquitted. I’m super relieved that we’re circling back around to that story, because it was bothering the hell out of me.

Next week: Janet asks why that asshole was acquitted.

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