“Jack and Diane” shaping up to be a sexy, violent thriller


Meanwhile, however, Diane isn’t just sitting somewhere alone. She’s met a girl, Emily, "a mid-20s half-Asian girl" she talks to at a party. They’re hitting it off with Emily’s leg touching Diane’s knee when Jack calls for Diane. But it doesn’t stop there — Diane retreats to a bedroom to lay on a bed "strewn with jackets." The room is dark, and Emily enters.

Emily: There you are.

Diane looks up at her. Emily touches Diane’s knee.

Emily: You okay? Can I sit here with you?

Diane nods. Emily lays down next to her. She looks over and studies Diane’s face.

Emily: It’s too bad you’re moving away.

Diane looks over. Emily touches her hair. Diane swallows. Emily leans in to kiss her. Diane opens her mouth then starts to cry.

Jack, you’d better get your butt over to Diane — now.

The most disturbing part of the script is a scene in which "a girl that looks like Diane" is drugged and raped on video, which Jack later watches. She’s disgusted, rightfully.

We later learn that the girl in the video is Diane’s sister, who was supposed to arrive on a bus from D.C.

Diane goes looking for her, but her MetroCard doesn’t work anymore and she’s exasperated. In the subway, Jack and Diane get into an impassioned argument.

Jack: You don’t understand. You have all of this in front of you — everything. And I’m like stuck here. I wish I never met you. It’s like I’m not myself anymore. You took away my insides and you’re f—ing going away forever. You’re so f—ing evil.

Diane’s eyes fill with tears.

Diane: That’s … I don’t believe you just said that. You’re so selfish. You’re just trying to push me away becuase you’re weak …. because you …

Jack: Just go, okay?

Interested yet?

Though it may feel like we know a lot more now, there are still so many questions. When does the werewolf bit come in? And what does Jena Malone’s role of Susan have to do with Jack or Diane?

So far, Bradley Rust Gray‘s script looks to be an exciting story between two young lesbians unfolding over the course of one night; like a Nick & Norah’s Infinite Adventure but queerer and supernatural. Although there are no photos from the production, sources say Riley has chopped her hair short and dyed it black for the role. I, for one, can’t wait.

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