Interview with Wonder Woman’s Gail Simone: Part 2


AE: You have written a lot of really strong female characters who
don’t just preach about being strong, they just
Does you ever have to fight to let your female characters be that intimidating
and, just sort-of, all-powerful?

GS: My feeling is, if the character HAS to preach, then you’re
doing it wrong. You’ve broken the agreement to tell an honest, truthful story
about believable characters. You’ve traded movement for message.

Wonder Woman can be shown to be strong a million ways, and I think giving a
long speech is possibly the least interesting of all of them. When you can punch
a tank in the face, and make two warring countries declare peace, a long speech
about the power of woman is a little redundant.

And thankfully, no, I have to say that the comics companies I’ve worked for,
especially DC, where I am currently exclusive, no one has ever asked me to make
a female character less powerful or less interesting or anything of that

In fact, sometimes, particularly with female editors, I sometimes have to
struggle to show the female characters showing any weakness, or any sign of
being less than ideal, less than perfectly ethical.

But I’m not interested in perfection, and I don’t think the readers are,

AE: What would be your dream comics story to write?
Oh, there are a few. I haven’t worked at Marvel for a
while but I quite like Spider-man and the female X-men. I love Captain
Marvel and his sister, Mary Marvel. I’ve gotten to write most of the big
guns at DC, but haven’t YET done a big Batman project.

I have some creator-owned stuff I hope to get to this year. A lovely
murder mystery, and a crazy hitman story.

But it’s hard to beat the books I have now … Wonder Woman, Secret Six
(which I created), and the creator-owned Welcome to Tranquility, about
a retirement community for retired superheroes.

I’m very happy. It’s a joyful career, honestly…to work with these
great artists, travel the world and meet readers in different countries. It’s

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