Interview with Wonder Woman’s Gail Simone: Part 2


AE: What did you enjoy most about writing for the Birds
of Prey
series? What did you think of the TV version of that

When I first came to DC, I was very new to writing,
and very skeptical about taking a "chick book." So I was a bit airy
about it, didn’t want to write Birds of Prey with its all female cast,
didn’t want to write Wonder Woman, all because I was afraid I’d be
pegged as a "chick writer."

I’m kind of ashamed of myself for that. That’s not the way an adult writer
should think, not the sort of thing we should worry about.  My feminist
credentials are pretty solid, I believe, and that’s something to be proud of,
not push to the side for convenience.

But the editor of Birds of Prey was this wonderful, smart woman,
and she convinced me to try, and it became very successful. Sales went up and
stayed up the entire time I was on the book, pretty much unheard of with an
all-female cast and no celebrity creators.

What I loved about it, and what people responded to, I think, was that it
was a female-centric buddy book. That’s a rare notion in comics, it’s rare in
ALL media, actually. 

To this day, I’ve still only seen the pilot of the tv series. I didn’t want
to be influenced, in my newbie arrogance. But I’ve been friends with the
producer of the series for some time, and I know she wanted to produce
something much closer to the comic, but was simply ambushed by the higher-ups
the entire way. Sort of a shame, it’s a great concept.

Birds of Prey comic

AE: Are you a fan of the Buffy comic
, and do you think we’ll see more TV shows and movies transition to comic
book form, not just the other way around?

GS: Whew, this is going to sound terrible, but I have only
seen one episode of Buffy, and I haven’t read the comics. I just don’t
watch much tv and when  I do, it’s usually something awful, American
or something. I should definitely be put to sleep for that
alone.  I watch a lot of Netflix stuff, streaming on my Xbox 360,
documentaries and foreign films mostly.  

Hollywood and
comics are linked pretty tightly right now. I think, even if they stop making
superhero films, that won’t go away.

What’s happened is, the nerds have grown up and now they run studios. I
am constantly surprised when I introduce myself to some Hollywood
bigshot, and bam, time and again, they already know me, they know my work, they
can quote it, and I’m far from the biggest name in comics. 

On the other hand, if a comic adaptation isn’t from a MAJOR property, like
Star Wars, Buffy, or Gears of War, then the profit margin for the property can
be pretty small. 

I think it’s more likely that Hollywood
will continue to use comics as their gold mine, more than the other way around.

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