Interview With Uh Huh Her


AE: Do you feel like it’s easier to be a
gay musician now as opposed to in the 1990s or the past?

LH: The ’90s, I feel so old! You know, with
all that stuff I’ve never really ever stepped back and thought about it. It’s
just who I am, and I think that I’ve been rewarded in that way because I just
live my life openly and honestly. I think good things have come my way because
of it.

fact, doors have opened for me that might have not otherwise. So I never really
had a rough time even in "the ’90s." [laughs] I don’t know, I don’t
really equate my career with being out.

AE: It’s just not an issue for you?
LH: It just isn’t. Maybe it should be and I’m

AE: Well, now you’re a
spokeswoman for Olivia. Will you be playing on any of the cruises?

LH: We’re going to be playing a show in Seattle. I don’t know if
we’ll ever make it on a cruise.

CG: I won’t be.

AE: You’re not supposed to say that — she’s
the spokeswoman!

CG: I don’t like the ocean.

AE: [to Hailey] You
hate the ocean too, I heard today in an interview.

LH: What’d I say?

AE: That you hate the ocean! [laughs]
That you like to look at it because it’s beautiful, but you hate being in it.

LH: Oh I know, I’m scared s—less … but the
band is totally separate. We’ll play an event, but that’s really my gig.

AE: Your gay cruise.
LH: Yeah.

AE: Did you guys ever
consider signing to a label with more lesbians or gay artists on it?

LH: We never ruled anybody out. We just really
talked to the labels that were interested in us.

AE: As far as Common Reaction
goes, was there a concept behind it?
Every song is individual because we didn’t have time to conceptualize
it really. We weeded out the songs we thought weren’t as strong.

AE: How would you
describe the differences between the album and the EP besides it having more

LH: We had the same producer, and since he
worked on the EP, he was familiar with our sound and was able to listen to our
songs and say what he thought the album needed. It was great to go back to him,
because he really just kind of —

CG: Polished it. It’s a little more polished.

LH: And I think it’s a lot more drum-heavy and guitar-heavy
compared to the EP. A little less ethereal.

AE: Is there anything else you’d want people to know about the band?
I think it’s important that people come and see us for the music and
listen and hopefully enjoy themselves. It’s about getting to know us as a band
and not coming for any other reason.

AE: Has that been an issue so far for
you guys?

LH: We just want people to get to know our music.

Watch the video for Uh Huh Her’s "Not a Love Song":

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Her, visit their official website.


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