Interview With Uh Huh Her

AE: Are you both in relationships?

CG: Yes.

AE: Is it difficult to be on the road and maintain them?
As of today, everything’s great.

CG: I keep it in the moment.

AE: Are you queer, Camila? Do you identify as queer?
I don’t talk about my private life. You caught me off guard with that
relationship question!

AE: Is your songwriting autobiographical at all?
Yeah, here and there. And I think you can take a story and it can be —

CG: A little metaphorical.

LH: Yeah.

CG: Not all of it’s literal.

AE: It seems like on the EP there was a lot of turmoil, like a lot of
pushing and pulling. Like "Run Away," but then, "Stay."
I think for both of us, we’re coming from such different places, and
writing together you come with a completely different setting, and you never
know what you’re gonna get.

LH: And I like that!

CG: Yeah, it’s weird. I’ve never really written with anyone
lyrically. This has been kind of interesting.

AE: It must be harder for people to
pinpoint, then, with people looking so literally into lyrics, who wrote what
and why.

LH: I like that; I like to hear what people
think it’s about. Sometimes when you write, you know what people are going to

CG: And you know that they’re wrong.

LH: And the joke’s on them.

AE: Well, one that I wanted to know about was "Pay if you want to
go down."

CG: Not literal. Like go down in

LH: And you pay in your life if you make mistakes.

AE: So it’s not like

LH: It is!

AE: So how did you guys get hooked up
with your label, Nettwerk?

CG: I was already signed there, and then we
signed to the label.

AE: [to Hailey] I was
watching old videos of the Murmurs on YouTube and saw you on the Roseanne
CG: You were on Roseanne?

AE: Her talk show, which I didn’t even
know she had! And I was thinking about how your songs used to be kind of funny,
and now in comparison they seem very serious.

LH: Yeah, I know! I really look at my old band
with love, because it came from a true place. I was with my best friend and we
were really young, and sure, we were naïve. It was that journey of growing up
and not being scared at all about what you did or said, and I miss that about
myself because I think everything I do now is so thought-out. I just miss that
waiting to sort of trip and fall. Yeah sure, it’s embarrassing, but at the same
time it’s what life is all about.

AE: And I feel like
even in your press photos, you come off as very serious. Do you think of
yourselves as a very "serious" band?

CG: Yeah, I think our personalities come out
on video, but in pictures we come off as very serious.

LH: Yeah, and I think we don’t really know who we are
yet. We literally got to know each other as we formed the band. I mean, we were
complete strangers from day one. We’re not only trying to create a sound, but
what do we want to project. It’s hard, but no, we’re not very serious people.

CG: Like, at all. We’re having too much fun. In the end
we want to just make good s—.

LH: [laughs] No kidding.


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