Interview with Top Model’s Kim Stolz


AE: Going back to the situation in the house, you said that the people you were least comfortable with were the last few you were left with: Bre, Nik and Jayla. Why do you think you weren’t able to develop a rapport with them?
KS: Well, you can’t be expected to get along with everyone, and the people I got along with greatest were the ones who had left—except for Nicole, who I got along with very well. Jayla tended to give a lot of back-handed insults, which bothered me, and I felt that she’s a bit immature. Nik was very quiet, and I don’t think Nik really was interested in becoming friends with anyone, maybe to her benefit, because she was interested in the competition.

AE: Do you keep in touch with any of the girls from the show?
KS: Yeah, I talk to Kyle almost every day. I talk to Ebony—Ebony’s like my favorite person in the world; she’s pretty amazing. And I talk to Nicole.

AE: So you don’t talk to Sarah anymore?
KS: We don’t really talk very much. Sarah and I talked a bit after the show finished filming, but we—we are on very good terms, Sarah and I, but perhaps just because we both have busy schedules, we haven’t spoken very much.

AE: You said you’ve developed a real love for modeling through of the show, so what are your plans now?
KS: Well, I want to pursue both modeling and acting. I’m very interested in applying to a couple of different acting agencies. I had a really good time at the Veronica Mars challenge, and I had a good time on that set. I definitely also want to go for modeling agencies, and I’ll just see which one works out for the better; perhaps both of them will.

AE: So what are you up to right now?
KS: I just actually left a law firm that I was working at because I wanted to pursue acting and modeling. So I haven’t really had a chance to dive into it yet, but I look forward to it.

AE: OK, one more question for you: Is there anything you want to tell your lesbian fans that you haven’t had a chance to say yet?
KS: Well…I think that a lot of lesbians are quick to criticize their own, because when you’re there representing a group, obviously not everyone is going to love you. I’ve felt that I’ve had very positive feedback so far, but I guess I want to say that we’re all in the same fight to achieve the political ground that we need and the social ground that we need. I don’t really believe in burning bridges and I think that even if I didn’t do the best job representing lesbians as maybe others feel that I could have, I did the best job that I could. And I hope that people are accepting of me and the way that I acted, and that we can work together to use this, perhaps, as a stepping stone for positive influence and positivity in general.

AE: Do you feel that anyone in particular has criticized you?
KS: No, I actually haven’t felt any criticism. But I’m sure that it’s out there…you know, when I look at your website, some people like me and some people don’t. I see that most people like me, which is nice. Obviously there are people that don’t—of course there are—so I guess I want to speak to those people, and hopefully we can all find a way to work toward the common goal.

AE: Oh, I have one more question for you; I’m sorry, I lied. I kept noticing that every time they filmed you guys in the house or in the hotel, it seemed like you always had your beds together. What was that about?
KS: That happened all over the house, actually, not just in the beds I was sleeping in. I think I am someone that really has very close friendships with people—I form very close relationships—so, I don’t know, I think that it was really lonely there. Sometimes it’s just nice to be in the same bed with someone. [Laughs.] It’s not like I was trying to push my bed everywhere with people. I guess with Lisa it happened too…that’s very strange.

AE: Yeah, in the last episode it also happened with Nik and Bre.
KS: Their beds were pushed together—we’re not just talking about me here, we’re talking about everybody?

AE: Yeah, everybody.
KS: Yeah, everyone gets really lonely, and everyone craves personal closeness, and people just push their beds together. It’s just one way of materializing it, I guess. [Laughs.]

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