Interview with Top Model’s Kim Stolz

AE: Well, in your last episode, I noticed that after you guys went into the judges’ panel you all came out and put on different clothes right away. Did you actually make the choice to wear all those miniskirts in the last few episodes? You seemed pretty eager to put your jeans back on.
KS: The competition was getting down to the wire, and if I didn’t show them that I had some amount of versatility in terms of femininity and masculinity, then I would be leaving right away. I knew the judges were very receptive to me wearing short skirts, and it’s not that I was changing my style or changing my self, I was putting on an act for them, and they bought right into it.

AE: Let’s talk about the limo confrontation, the one with Bre and all of them.
KS: The limo was sort of an unfortunate place for me in general, I guess.

AE: Yeah, it didn’t look like the best place in the world. You said in one of your confessional interviews that you felt like you were being scapegoated for talking behind people’s backs when everyone else was doing the same thing.
KS: I was scapegoated. I certainly was a culprit of talking about people behind their backs, but who wasn’t in that competition? Bre said something to the effect of loving Jayla because Jayla never talked about anyone, but we had just seen a few episodes back, Jayla talking about Nik in like the most brutal and unfortunate ways.

AE: Is there anything in retrospect that you would have done differently?
KS: I think I wouldn’t have trusted Bre as much as I did. I really trusted her as a friend and I vented to her a lot and I guess it sort of it just struck me in the end as a bad idea, because she used everything I said to her to her advantage and to my disadvantage, and that was disappointing for me.

AE: What was going on with her in the last episode? It seemed like she was really going crazy.
KS: There were several episodes before that—that conversation in the limo was very confusing to everyone because not only was I sort of being scapegoated, but she was very brutal, calling me an ugly person, and “God don’t like ugly.” And all I was thinking was, yeah well your God also don’t like gay, so there’s more than a few of us gonna be in trouble with that, but yeah, she went crazy. The competition got to her and she took a turn to crazy town.

AE: Do you think that your actions were portrayed accurately?
KS: For the most part. There were obviously parts of me that were left out and there were parts of me that were exaggerated, but for the most part I think that I was portrayed with respect and accurately.

AE: Tell me what your favorite photo shoot was and why.
KS: The favorite photo shoot of mine was probably either the Wild Boys photo shoot—because it was a blast. Not all of our photo shoots were fun; a lot of them were very stressful all the time. Or perhaps my favorite photo shoot would have been the Ford Fusion one, just because I really felt that I succeeded in that, and I felt that I did a great job. So, the Ford Fusion commercial was really great for me.

AE: What was your least favorite photo shoot?
KS: [Laughs.] The first one. The first photo shoot, I didn’t know what I was doing. I was in a gold lame suit with a pink cape, and with these braids coming out every which end of my head, and I was completely uncomfortable and the harness was terrible and my modeling was disastrous, and so [laughs]…I think that photo shoot, from the photo as well as my experience, was definitely my least favorite.

AE: What was your favorite challenge?
KS: I think that one of my favorite challenges was probably the Veronica Mars one, because at least that was something that I knew I was doing, and I could always articulate myself in front of people that I’m trying to impress.

AE: Always?
KS: Not always. A lot of the time. I think that when I’ve interviewed for jobs I’ve done a good job. I don’t know, I think that I have a rather—in comparison to other people, I have a good way of expressing myself. I also really liked the shopping challenge in the beginning; I thought that was a fun time. I usually like dressing myself and I enjoy expressing myself through style, so that was fun for me.

AE: What was your least favorite challenge?
KS: My least favorite challenge…I can’t even remember them all. I didn’t really like the Sue Wong runway challenge just because I was really bad at walking at that point, and it was very embarrassing for me, constantly.

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