Interview with Top Model’s Kim Stolz


AE: Of course! So tell me, from your perspective, what really happened between the two of you.
KS: Well, Sarah and I had grown close as friends in the first few weeks of being in the house. What happened in the limo was absolutely like—was sort of a mess. [Laughs.] We were not—I mean, I had no idea that kiss was coming, first of all, and second of all, it was just—it was fun. We were all there and having a good time, and there were actually other kisses that went on in that limo, that went on between other girls who shall remain nameless.

AE: Really? You’re not going to tell me who they were?
KS: No, I’m not. [Laughs.] That’s for them to say. But they focused on my kiss with Sarah because…I’m the lesbian, so all my kisses matter, but the limo was really pretty meaningless, obviously very meaningless. As far as anything else that happened, I think you’re in that house and you’re lonely and you’re stressed out, and if you can forge a connection with someone, a closeness, you hold onto that. And Sarah and I were very close friends, and perhaps there was a moment when the friendship lines were blurred, but she and I were on the same page. We both knew that I had a girlfriend that I was very into, and she had someone back home as well. And there wasn’t really much of a romantic feeling going on between us. It was much more of a moment of a question, and then it didn’t happen, obviously. I mean, I—despite being in an open relationship, I was always emotionally committed to my girlfriend, and physically as well.

AE: And physically as well?
KS: Yeah, physically as well. I mean, if there was a makeout that occurred, so be it, but I don’t really consider that to…call into question my relationship in any way.

AE: So you’re referring to the little night vision thing that was shown on TV.
KS: Yeah, the night vision shot looked very different than it seemed in my eyes. I guess that’s up to interpretation.

AE: I can understand your perspective on this. Being a lesbian myself, it seems like, well, okay you hook up, whatever. But since Sarah clearly had never really done that before, do you feel like it was a different experience for her?
KS: I know that’s the way it was portrayed on the episode, that for her it was a much bigger deal, but I’m not sure if that’s true. Sarah and I had a lot of conversations about it, and it seems that for her she was confused about a lot of things in her life, and she was growing as a person. She’s very young; she’s 18 years old, you know? And I think that she has a lot of figuring out to do, and her strife wasn’t—I don’t think—about me and her sexuality, it was about a lot of things. The competition was very stressful in general. And I have dated almost all girls who have not in fact been with girls before, which is a coincidence—I’m not just going for them! [Laughs.] But I think that I was definitely conscious of her feelings, and we are definitely on good terms. It’s not like I pieced her out as they made it look on the show. It’s not like that.

AE: So you feel like you were misrepresented?
KS: Misrepresented is a strong word. I think it was definitely exaggerated. … I think what went on between us was exaggerated, and I think her stress regarding it was exaggerated.

AE: In a recent interview with, you said that you though that Sarah was “trying.” What did you mean by that?
KS: I meant that Sarah is a really talented girl and she tries hard at everything she does, and because [of] how young she is and where she’s from, she has to try a lot harder than a lot of people to achieve the goals that she wants to. I think that Sarah should always be respected for her efforts and for everything she does. And I think she’s someone who always tries her best, and I guess that’s what I meant, and maybe it came out wrongly in that interview.

AE: OK. So how did what happened with Sarah on TV affect your relationship with your girlfriend?
KS: Well, obviously it wasn’t my girlfriend’s favorite show to watch for a little while, but my girlfriend understood that my commitment was always to her, and she also understand that it was reality television; perhaps things were a little bit exaggerated. We have a lot of trust in our relationship and I think that’s what really allowed us to just…look at it as something that happened in the past when we were in an open relationship…which she made the decision to have, not me. I think it’s been clear since the first time we started dating that I wanted to be with just her. I think she knows that.

AE: How long have you guys been together?
KS: For eight months now. We’d only been together for like six weeks when the show started filming, but that was a long time ago, so when I got back from filming, we resumed our relationship and we’ve been together ever since.

AE: Do you guys consider yourselves polyamorous?
KS: No, absolutely not. As soon as I got back from filming, we made our relationship exclusive.

AE: So you’re no longer in an open relationship.
KS: No.

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