Interview with “Tierra de Lobos” actor Adriana Torrebejano

Questions from readers: 

By Moodified:

How does it feel to give life to a woman of the 19th century as complex as Isabel? She seems to have more ambitions in life than her sisters. She doesn’t agree to the rules society has imposed on her, like getting married and having children. She’s an intelligent, capable and cultivated woman, not to mention a lesbian, that, no matter how much she dislikes it, has to give in to the wishes of the patriarchal system. How do you feel, as a woman of the 21st century, to be walking on the shoes of a character that has to live under those circumstances?
AT: WOW! Moodified, you know Isabel really well. As for walking on Isabel’s shoes, I think it would be really hard to live in a society that doesn’t see things the same way you do. Everything that surrounds Isabel is against her. Even so, I’m happy, and I feel great playing her, because she never stops fighting for what she wants, and she never gives up. Sadly, things aren’t all that different nowadays.

By TikiGal:  

If you could write the script, what would you want to see happen to Isabel? 
AT: After all the things Crisabel has been through, it would be nice for them to run away together. But that would mean a spin-off, and I don’t want to leave Tierra de Lobos. [Laughs]

By Cougar: 

Would you say Isabel’s character is a good LGBT role model?
AT: Yes, why not? Even if Isabel is not your classic example, she lived in a time in which I’m sure there were lesbians and gays too.

By Jen: 

Who is the biggest clown/prankster on set? Have you pulled any pranks on your cast/crew members?
AT: We (the Lobo sisters) goof around a lot when we have scenes together. But the funniest one is Juán Fernández (Lobo). He’s always singing on set, and he makes the shooting a lot more enjoyable.  [Laughs]  

By Jooo: 

What did you learn about yourself from playing Isabel Lobo?
AT: (I’ve learned) to understand my horse, to convey to him all that I’m feeling in that exact moment when we’re filming a scene. You don’t need anything else, you just become one with him. That connection is the best part of the shooting. As soon as I get on set, if he’s there, I bring an apple to him. He’s always asking me to pet him.

By Foxdith: 

When did Isabel fall in love with Cristina?
AT: The very moment she got into that room and saw her bathing, as soon as they looked at each other.

If you could give Isabel one piece of advice what would it be?
AT: I wouldn’t give Isabel any advice; I love her the way she is. Maybe she acts before she thinks sometimes, but her life is in no way easy. Rather, she should be the one giving me advice. [Laughs] 

By Kiana94: 

Has there ever been or is there a role you refused to take on? If so, what was/is it and why? 
AT: Yes. As actors, we can be out of work from time to time, but then, suddenly two roles turn up at the same time. It’s not so much that you reject one; more like you have to choose between them.

By pegske: 

Do you think the difficult economic times Spain is going through will have an impact on investments on roles and work opportunities for young Spanish actresses?
AT: I do, because things are changing a lot lately. And, if we stop producing projects, the demand will grow. But, to make light of the situation, I hope Tierra de Lobos stays on air for a long time. If not, I’ll have to learn English and look for a job over there. ;)

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