Interview With Saffron Burrows


Christian Slater (left) and Burrows in My Own Worst Enemy

Q: How long are your days on the set?
SB: You know, I think it depends. My stuff has been gentle so far because Norah is a slow birth, so I’m building up gently, which is good. The girls — we always get to work really early, so often you’re driving in at 4:30 in the morning, starting make-up at five.

Q: What’s the most challenging part of this role so far?
SB: I think just the idea that you want to lay the foundations well. That’s always the thing for the beginning. Like Alfre said, that … you turn up, here you are, whatever age you are, you’ve had a life, and that you need to know quite clearly where you are in order to have the story continue from there and then be surprised. … Jason [Smilovic, the producer] keeps throwing things at me that are a complete surprise, so that’s great, but you need to know where you’re standing first and then have those things happen.

Q: Were you happy with your performance on Boston Legal?
SB: I loved it. I love working with them, and James Spader particularly became a close friend, so that’s always good.

Burrows on Boston Legal

Q: TV, film, theater — do you have any preferences?
SB: Well, as a friend of mine who lives in the south of France said — because I get into tears sometimes about which direction, and am I doing a play, am I doing a play in France, can I speak French? Should I be there, should I be here? He said, “Saff, just think: Add, add, add.” So far, that’s been good to have a bit of everything.

Q: Who was the first TV character or actor that you sort of fell for or had a crush on when you were young and watching television?
SB: We were thinking about Chips today. I did like Chips. … Maybe even Chips! It might have been that. I also liked Michael J. Fox in that one, was it Family —

Q: Family Ties.
SB: Yeah. I liked that and Willis, I loved Willis in Different Strokes. “Whatchu talking about Willis?”

Q: So you watched all these shows in England?
SB: Oh my God yes, they were my favorites, yeah. Cagney and Lacey, Hill Street Blues.

Q: What was the worst career advice you’ve ever received?
SB: I don’t think I’ve ever received bad advice. On a career level? I haven’t sought out much advice, to be honest with you. … I’ve had some good advice. So far so good.

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