Interview With Rose Rollins of “The L Word”

AE: So, when did you first watch The L Word and what did you think of it when you first saw it?
I've watched the show since the pilot episode. I watched all the episodes in Seasons 1 and 2. Honestly, Season 3 I did get into it, but it was just a very hectic time for me so it had kind of fallen off, but then I caught back up. When I got there they gave me all the episodes I missed in Season 3, and I couldn't believe [it] — it was so good, so real. But I definitely was a huge fan of the show, and I watched every episode of Season 1 and 2.

And it is a good show, sexuality aside. Gay or straight, it touches on a lot of issues that we can all relate to. I watched it because of the story lines and just the characters, aside from whether they were gay or straight.

AE: Was it intimidating coming on board in Season 4, especially if you've watched the show? You were a fan, and then suddenly you're on the show with this cast that's been together all this time.
There's always going to be that first-day-of-kindergarten feel whenever you join a family, but I was more excited, and I was very confident in what I had to bring to the table. And that has actually been the first time in a long time when it comes to my work that I didn't get as intimidated as I usually would have been. Like, I was excited to work with such a large group of talented, dynamic, strong women. It was very exciting for me, more than anything.

AE: Was there anyone in particular who you bonded with the most?
RR: Yeah, I bonded with a few of the girls in different ways. Like with Leisha [Hailey], of course, because we worked so closely together. And Mia [Kirshner] and Kate [Moennig] and Janina [Gavankar] as well — all in different ways and all for different reasons.

AE: And you had already worked with Jennifer Beals on 13 Moons in 2002.
RR: Yes, we did work together. That was great. She is great.

AE: Were you in scenes together, and did you get to know her back then?
RR: I did know her then, because we have mutual friends. And then filming 13 Moons, it was very close, confined. The entire cast is on the set of independent movies. It's not like there's 10 trailers. It's like a close family, and I did get to know her, and we still do have some friends in common, so it wasn't like she was a stranger when I came to the show. She was actually very happy for me when she heard that I might be one of the contenders for the part, and she kind of put in a good word. I'm really grateful to her that she was excited for me to be a part of the show.

AE: What do you think that your character adds to the show?
RR: I think that she adds a little masculinity to the show. She adds some strength to the show. I think she reaches out to a whole other demographic of women, as far as touching on war. And with so many gay women in the military, I feel like that will bring a whole new demographic to the show.

Tasha meets Alice

AE: I'm sure you're going to start getting all kinds of recognition on the street. Are you prepared for that?
RR: [Laughs.] I am not prepared for that! The other girls on the show laugh at me and say, "Oh, you just wait. You just wait." And I'm like, "Noooo." Because even hanging out with them in Vancouver — and the show's not as popular there as it is here — but even being there, all of the recognition that they get. … And they make fun of me so much, like, "Yeah, just wait." I'm normally a shy and reserved person, so it will be pretty interesting. I'm not anticipating anything, but I guess it sort of comes with the territory.

AE: Oh, I'm sure it will. So, what else are you up to these days besides recovering from The L Word?
I'm definitely recovering from The L Word, but I am also in the process of finishing a house that I've been building for the past year.

AE: Well, what kind of work are you doing on the house?
Well, before The L Word I was working with a developer, and I was overseeing everything — kind of like being a contractor, but not really. And I was dibbling and dabbling in real estate, so I used my resources to my advantage and was not hands-on but was overseeing the crews and designing bathrooms — stuff like that. Picking out all the tile, woods, granite — that type of stuff.

AE: Well, good luck with that and with everything else. And thanks for talking to us.
Thank you.

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