Interview with “Nurse Jackie” creators Linda Wallem and Liz Brixius

AE: If there’s anything you could change about lesbian representation in pop culture, what would it be?
LB: I like it when lesbians and gays are integrated into the stories rather than being like the sensational little bit about them. I don’t like it sensationalized, because I don’t think its scandalous or sensational. I think its everyday life.

The heart wants what the heart wants. Let that be a universal truth.

Liz Brixius

LW: Even shows like CSI, I watch them and think, “How much better would this show be if there was a lesbian couple in it?” I mean, my God! Gay or straight, couples are the same. How exciting would that be? Let’s spice this up and make it more interesting.

I’m so bored by television and by all of the traditional relationships that you see. I mean, nothing shakes it up like a good lesbian, you know? (laughs)

Like Top Chef, which I’m addicted to, I saw on your site that there are two new lesbians on this season. I love that, and I always root for them.

I wish TV writers would open it up more and not be afraid of it. It would be hilarious and wonderful.

AE: Imagine if Marg Helgenberger on CSI played a lesbian. How great would that be?
LW: Oh my God, I’d redo all the episodes. But I’d still make her a stripper. You remember, in the beginning, that story?

AE: Oh, I remember! Well, in summation, is there anyone you’re dying to work with, or any dream projects you have in the works or would like to have in the works?
LB: Edie Falco for the rest of my life, that’s who I’m dying to work with. I’ve never seen anything like it and I don’t think I will again.

LW: You know, it sounds corny, but I’m doing it now. Working with Edie is such a dream and I’m really hoping this musical I’m doing with Melissa is gonna be what we think it’s gonna be. So I guess I’m lucky enough to say that I’m kinda doing it!

Hey, can I throw one more lesbian tidbit out there?

AE: Please do!
LW: Melissa invited me to the studio last weekend. She’s doing her new album, and it’s going to be so f—ing amazing. This music is gonna blow people away. The new album is gonna be remarkable.

She and Tammy have these twins now. I have to say, I live vicariously through them because I don’t have kids, and they are the most amazing mothers, the most amazing family I know. The kids are just so loved and so magical. I always tease Melissa, “You know, you have four kids now!” and she says, “I know! I don’t know how this happened!”

She’s like the sister I never had. So I just want to put a plug in there that people are going to be so excited by this new album.

AE: It’s nice when you get to succeed alongside your friends, isn’t it?
LW: It sure is.

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