Interview With Missy Higgins

AE: Obviously it was
very highly publicized, and you wrote on your MySpace addressing how your words
got twisted. Was there ever a part of you that thought, "I shouldn’t have
talked about that"?
No, actually my initial thought was
maybe I should have spoken about it sooner and in my own words, rather than
have someone else kind of take a few words and make them into whatever they
wanted to. The thing that I felt was misrepresented was the fact that I came
out as a lesbian, whereas I don’t consider myself a lesbian.

AE: That happened with
Sia, too. Perez Hilton picked the story up and wrote that she came out as a
lesbian, and obviously he hadn’t read further than the title.
He did that to me as well actually!
[laughs] I actually read that interview because I know Sia and I didn’t know
that she was seeing a girl, and someone forwarded it to me and I was like, "Oh
my God! She’s seeing a girl?"

AE: She’s rumored to be
dating J.D. Samson of Le Tigre.
I know, I’ve heard that too! She
just moved to New York.

AE: Is that something
you would ever consider doing, living here? Or do you think you’re Australian
for life?
Well I have — I’ve moved to L.A.

AE: Oh, you have?
I’m renting a little apartment in Silver Lake.
L.A.’s kind of
weird — it’s got a really barren feel to it sometimes. I love it when it rains.
It’s like L.A.’s
got life all of a sudden. It comes alive when it rains.

AE: How long have you
lived there now?
Just about a month.

AE: Are you adjusting
pretty well?
I think so. I’ve got a lot of
friends in L.A.
I live in Silver Lake
and go out with my friends in West Hollywood,
and it’s a half hour’s drive, so it’s kind of annoying.

AE: Oh God, the
Yeah, I hate traffic so much! I
just bought myself this book the other day, How
to Stay Calm Even When You’re Totally and Completely Nuts
. It has all these
things to do while you’re stuck in traffic like relaxing your breath and
letting it all go.

AE: So my favorite song
on this album is "Secret," but I just want to know the story — is it
Yeah, it was about — I don’t like
saying exactly what it was about.

AE: The pronouns?
I don’t like saying exactly what my
songs are about, but it was about a relationship I had and — well, it was about
a she. Sometimes it gets really hard to explain things without saying. I like
people to put their own story into a song, so I don’t like saying.

AE: But you do have a
song that says "boy."
Yeah, and I have a song that says "girl."
But when we first started our relationship, she was not comfortable with
bringing it out into the open, and I was so head over heels in love with her I
kind of wanted to shout it out to the world, so it was just a song about
keeping something under the covers and not being comfortable sharing something
with the world, keeping it away locked in a little room.

AE: It’s funny because
I was listening to it and I thought it could either be interpreted as you
seeing someone who wasn’t comfortable being out, or you seeing someone of
either gender and being the woman on the side.
I know it sounds like that,
actually! I played that song for my friends and I asked, "Do you think it’s
really obvious that it’s about a lesbian relationship?" And my lesbian
friends were like, "Totally!" But straight people think it’s about

AE: Do you think there
are any misconceptions about you?
I think for a while there I felt
misrepresented, and that was a misconception that I had come out as a lesbian. But
I don’t think things are that black and white, but I guess that’s kind of
whatever now. I’ve cleared that up and don’t really care about that anymore.

I think a lot of people think I’m actually a lot more polite. In Australia
especially they think I’m just really nice and polite, but I guess it’s hard
sometimes to show the not so — I don’t know what I’m trying to say.

I feel like sometimes I come across a bit bland, and maybe that’s
because I’ve been a bit careful. Since I started at such a young age, I’ve been
so cautious at my words being taken from my mouth and misconstrued.

AE: That has to be a
scary thought, to have people be able to talk to you and then write whatever
they want, and then you can’t respond except for on MySpace. Thank God for MySpace,
because what would you have done before?
Send out a telegraph!

AE: Like, "Not a
lesbian — me!"
It’s funny because when I wrote the
thing on MySpace, this paper had this tiny story on it whereas when the
magazine [article I discussed my bisexuality in] came out, it was a front-page

AE: But how would you
have even brought it up before? It’s not like you would be talking about your
music and you would say, "Well, I’m bisexual so …"
[laughs] "Just so you know,
just get that in there. And put an asterisk right next to it!"

AE: So you have an all-male
band. Is that something you wanted to do?
No, there are just not that many
female musicians out there. I would love to have another female because if
nothing else, I’d love to have female backing vocals. I think female drummers
are hot! There’s not enough out there.

For more on Missy
Higgins, visit her official site or her MySpace page.

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