Interview with Mariah Hanson


AE: I saw you’re doing a NOH8 party on Sunday. A little activism with our Amstel Lights is a good thing.
Yeah, everyone will be able to get their faces painted, meet the co-founders, Adam Bouska and his partner Jeff Parshley, and be a part of the growing Prop 8 protest campaign.

AE: What does your dream Dinah look like?
Well, in the dream Dinah, Michelle Pfeiffer is my date, and she’s really crazy about me – it’s almost embarrassing. And we’re sitting front row, watching Pink perform with Dreya Weber doing her aerial act. And Madonna is hanging out, too. And Dom Perignon is the sponsor. And my buddy Dara is hanging out with me. I’m sharing Madonna with her.

AE: Awesome. Thanks for that. That doesn’t sound like "The Dinah" so much as it sounds like "The Mariah."
That fantasy was all about me.

AE: Well, thanks for including me in your fantasy. And what about Pink? Can you get her?
She’s always touring. Maybe one of these days. Don’t think I don’t ask her every year. I do!

AE: You also host girl parties in LA, year-round. How do you get along with the other lesbian event promoters? Is it overly competitive?
There are so many cool lesbian events going on in Los Angeles. Downtown, [the party] Catwalk has a line around the block. PimpNPush is one of the hottest parties in LA. There’s also the Betty, Booby Trap!, Ladies’ Touch, anything Shannon Kampa does, Club Flaunt Long Beach, all the San Diego clubs. They all communicate. There’s a new paradigm and it’s about having a healthy, positive way of being.

We’re creating community for a segment of society that has been disenfranchised, or in some sense, oppressed. I mean, I think it’s less and less true as we move forward, but it’s still there. And so, at our nightclubs, our watering holes, we come together. I’m not saying this is the only way to create community, but it is one way. And as a promoter, if you can’t feel incredible gratitude for how this community has given back to you, than you probably shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing.

Smart promoters know that competition is really healthy. It’s only a certain frame of mind that thinks, "No. We have to run other clubs out of business." So, do I think that the new generation of club promoters in LA is off the hook? Yeah, I do.

AE: Briana Stockton is your ex-girlfriend. When she was on Work Out, Season 3, there was an episode that showed Jackie Warner snooping in Briana’s phone. Jackie got angry over a text message that said, "I love you." That was from you. Care to talk about that?
[laughs] I’ll answer that as long as you do it right.

AE: I only use the words you give me!
OK then. I called her on Thanksgiving. And I texted her, "Boo, I love you." OK? I never texted her, "I want you back, blah, blah, blah." That never happened. But that’s reality television.

AE: How long were you broken up when they taped that scene?
Oh, I don’t know. Two or three months?

AE: OK, so still kind of new. I might give that one to Jackie. But who cares now? You and Briana are close friends.
Briana is my best friend.

AE: That’s super lesbian of you.
I love her. Bri is an old soul. She’s one of the more amazing people in my life.

AE: Getting back to The Dinah. Do you think ladies like to objectify other women who engage in go-go dancing or pole dancing?
I think that women love watching a beautiful woman seduce a pole. [laughs] What’s wrong with that?

AE: Not a damn thing.
[laughs] That’s not going to sound as good when you read it, is it?

AE: No, it’s going to sound better. In another 20 years, will you still be doing what you’re doing?
I’ll most likely pass the torch but I will always, as long as I live, have a hand in how a Dinah goes. The Dinah is my life’s work.

AE: When you’re really old, you can be in a penthouse that overlooks the pool. And you can watch hot girls who aren’t even born yet.
[laughs] "Oh, look at the pretties!" Are you there with me?

AE: Of course. And you can get a Popemobile to ride around in, waving to the crowd.
How about just a little golf cart?

AE: Wow, you are really gay.

For more information on The Dinah Shore weekend, check out the Club Skirts website, and click here for more about the Logo Legacy Campaign.

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