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AE: In her interview, Gaby let the cat out of the bag and mentioned that you’re engaged to Matt Cohen.
Yeah, I said to him,"Oh my God. Gaby blew that!" And he said, "What are you going to do? We’ve been engaged for over a year now."

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AE: It seems that many fans knew already anyway.
Well, that’s because everyone close to us knew. I told the network. And then, about nine or 10 months ago, a podcast for The N’s website went sour. They said, "Well, Mandy was talking about dating Matt Cohen."

And it was such a big deal I had announced that I was dating him. Meanwhile, I was already engaged to him at that point. They wished that I had said something mean about him. They actually said, "By the time this airs in three weeks, I’m sure the relationship will be over."

AE: Your own network said that to you?
Yes. Isn’t that wrong? And I said, "Look. We’ve been together way longer than that." We’d been engaged for three months at that point, so three weeks was nothing. It was such a bizarre situation. They ended up taking [the podcast] down. And they had all the wrong people apologizing to me.

Matt always felt cheated. People get the wrong impression from him. And it ticks me off because he’s a very sensitive, beautiful person. And he’s gorgeous. It ticks me off how good-looking he is because I have to wake up to that. It’s never a problem to wake up to that, but I have to wake up to myself.

AE: You’re both pretty.
Thank you.

AE: As you know, sometimes people confuse characters with the actors playing them. They see Matt as Aiden, the guy who’s coming between Ashley and Spencer.
I know. And I’m not for the Ashley-Aiden thing. I think that they were great friends, but they didn’t work as a couple. I knew that Spencer and Ashley — the Spashley couple — is way better.

AE: Yes, it is. Or was. So, what’s next for you?
I just did a little guest spot on Eli Stone. And I was up for a series on ABC Family. I had it, and I lost it. It sucks. But, I was going to play a 15-year-old, so it was kind of far-fetched anyway, considering I’m 22 now.

AE: Well, you’re small, but you don’t sound like a young girl. What’s with the raspy, smoker’s voice?
I know! I have a weird voice. I came out here and people started asking if I was a smoker. I get that a lot.

AE: You have a twin sister. Does she sound like you?
No, not at all. I mean, I thought we did, but she doesn’t get any [comments] on her voice. I remember when I was a kid, my parents thought there was something wrong with my voice but they thought I was going to grow out of it. And then, later, they were like, "Nope, she never did."

AE: Oh well. Now it can be your trademark.
Yeah. Once I get over the hump of looking like I’m at that puberty-looking age, it’ll help.

AE: Be careful what you wish for. You might end up sounding like Harvey Fierstein when you’re 40.
Oh God!

The South of Nowhere finale airs Friday, Dec. 12 on The N. Read our interview with Gabrielle Christian, and catch up on the show with our SON recaps.

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