Interview with Mandy Musgrave

AE: I asked Gaby about the status of Girltrash. She said she didn’t know what was going on with it.
Angela Robinson and her partner are funding it all on their own. And it’s a slow process, as far as making time for it. They had to finish shooting The L Word in Canada and they’re shooting other stuff. So when they have time, I hope they’ll edit the rest of the stuff [already shot] and put more money into it and get it out. 

The last time I ran into Angela at Power Up, people were talking about it. And she said she was definitely still working on it.

AE: Of course it takes money, but I’d love to see longer episodes. Each one is so damn short.
I know. But I think she wants to entice and I can understand that.

AE: Sure.
But, if you don’t have anyone else funding you, and you’re doing that on your own, well, I admire that. But you do want so much more, especially because she has these badass chicks doing all these roles.

She’s got an incredible cast. I mean, Jordana Brewster and Gabrielle Christian? Excuse me?

AE: Well, it would be great if it starts up again, because you can keep working with Gaby.
Yeah, that was nice. It was really funny. We had to actually do a tequila shot before our make-out, throw-her-down-on-the-table scene.

AE: Throw her, what now?
We all did a tequila shot before, just so we could breeze through it. Because we were like, "OK, God, stop. No, I never did this."

AE: You taped a Girltrash! sex scene where you had to throw Gaby down and rough her up?
It hasn’t posted yet. It’s been frozen for months. Until they start editing and getting to it again, it won’t be seen.

AE: Maybe there is no episode and that was for her personal collection.
Oh my God! Well, even if she did that, I want that footage because that was some really good work that happened there.

AE: I bet.
It was amazing. Amazing.

AE: Put that on your reel.
I know, I would! I’ll be like, "Look, I don’t mind getting down and dirty on a shop table."

AE: I had another question, but I’ve lost my train of thought.

AE: OK, I’m back. Tell me about your upcoming film, 16 to Life.
It’s a cute film. It’s about two girls and one woman who are living different love lives. It’s about how you interpret different love lives. We all work in a little ice cream parlor shop in Iowa.

We had to make it look like it Spring, but it was winter and it was very cold. It was awful to shoot. I’ve never bonded with a cast so fast, that was great. But I had to be away from home for a month and I hated that.

AE: What’s your character like?
Her name is Darby. She’s sexy, slutty-ish. Weird. Like what else is new? [laughs] I have no idea. The three women all have the same uniform, but Darcy hikes hers up two extra feet and wears a push-up bar and weird makeup. [She] talks about how she’s going to lose her virginity one night. She loses her virginity to a guy she met in the drive-up window. It’s just very bizarre.

AE: Theresa Russell is also in the film.
She’s great. She’s incredible.

AE: Have you seen her in Black Widow with Debra Winger?
No, but everyone talks about that.

AE: Go watch it. It’s a good one.
 I’m sure.

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