Interview with Mandy Musgrave

AE: What did you think when you heard you were canceled?
You know, I kind of felt it beforehand. I remember saying: "Why don’t we have a cliff-hanger? In the past, we’ve had such good cliffhangers. No one’s going to want to come back."

And they were like, "Well, the network didn’t want as much of a cliff-hanger." In my head, I thought, "Why wouldn’t they want as much of a cliff-hang — oh."

So, I was kind of prepared. They’re so afraid of telling the cast, like we can’t handle it. I mean, I can understand to an extent. We get very attached and [producers worry] we’ll feel like the rest of the work doesn’t matter — we’ll want to look for other work, instead of showing up to set.

It just felt like we were lost and out of the loop. I felt like we had a right to know. But while we were there, the time was wonderful. It’s sad how it all ended, but while it was going on, it was great.

AE: Did you share your suspicions with the rest of the cast?
Yeah, I did. And they felt the same thing. And some of us tried to tell ourselves, and each other: "Maybe they just want something different. You never know."

Maeve Quinlan [who plays Spencer's mother, Paula] was prepared to go out, no matter what. She had said something like: "Well, where is Paula in the scripts? The kids are going off to college. Or the kids are moving in together. Mom’s not going to be there."

So, it was going to be sad, no matter what. I think it’s great that we all went together, because I don’t want to do the series without [the parents] Maeve and Rob [Moran]. They’re amazing.

AE: Are you happy with the series finale?
I am happy with it. I think it was a very safe way to end it and I thought it was very sweet. Spencer and Ashley went through so much and they were all realistic situations. And I like that.

AE: I asked Gaby, and now I’ll ask you. What would have happened in a theoretical Season 4?
Maybe Spencer would have talked Ashley into going to college? Ashley’s gone through a lot of changes. And Spencer helped her to better herself the whole way because Spencer truly loved her and cared enough to give her the right advice.

So, I think she probably would have gone to college with Spencer. But maybe to the community college next door or something?  [laughs] You know? Maybe not the university.

AE: Too bad you’ll never get a chance to pitch that.
I know. I pitched one [idea] actually and it went. It was Season 2, the one where the best friend from Ohio comes into town.

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