Interview With Kristanna Loken


AE: You were over there shooting BloodRayne, right? Is that where they shot it?
Well, actually I wasn't in Hungary; we were in Romania.

AE: Oh, OK. How did you feel about your performance in BloodRayne?
Good. For what it was, for what the show is, you know, I always try to do my best work with the material that I'm given and the people I'm working with. It was an adaptation from a video game, but I really enjoyed working with Sir Ben Kingsley, and [director] Uwe [Boll] is always a trip to work with.

AE: Looking ahead a bit, Painkiller Jane has been ordered for 22 episodes. Do you think if it's picked up for another season you'll continue on with this?
Yeah, you know what? I really think I would. It's different for me to be committed to — well, to anything. [Laughs.] My life — I've never been a big one for commitment, but there's something wonderful about knowing you've got a job for eight months and the stability that goes along with it.

It's also hard, too. I generally have been fortunate enough to take a lot of time off in the past few years to go to my beach house in Cape Town and travel around the world and just have a lot of fun. … This show has posed a lot of new challenges for me in my world and in my creative life, and it's really, I think, helped my craft a lot to just be thrown into these situations on a daily basis and have to perform. So I think it's only making me a stronger actress and artist, and for that I'm grateful.

AE: I wanted to ask you about the interview you did with The Advocate a few months ago. What kind of reaction did you get to that interview?
Well, definitely all I can say is I'm a very honest person, and I think if there's one thing in this business, people tend not to be. And at the end of the day, I'd like to go home and know that I was honest with myself and who I am and what I'm about. To me, I've heard nothing but positive feedback from the interview itself and from the photography and everything, so yeah, so I think it was a good article to have done.

AE: You've also said that you are not going to be returning to The L Word. Were you hoping to become a regular on the series or did you just go in thinking it was going to be a one-season thing?
I actually only signed on to do a few episodes in the beginning, and then the producers and writers were enjoying the story line between Katherine [Moennig] and myself, and so they ended up bringing me on for the rest of the season.

And I am actually going to go back, it looks like, and do just kind of one final episode in their fifth season — I think their first episode, just to kind of tie up the relationship.

AE: Some of those scenes that you shot with Kate Moennig seemed like they might be really uncomfortable physically, like the car scene. Was that fun to do or was it really awkward?
No, you know, I think that was what I loved about the show — they just go for it, and that's the way I like to work. I like to bring a real rawness to what I do, and the fact that … it seems like that would be [uncomfortable] or … you'd be in this kind of compromised position — even if it's an action sequence, always add to it, because it gives you another element that you have to work around, which is always a nice challenge.

AE: So you seem quite a bit taller than Kate. [Laughs.] How did that work out?
Yeah, I'm taller than pretty much everybody. [Laughs.] I'm … a little shy of 6 feet, but I don't have a problem with it. I always say everybody's the same lying down; it doesn't really matter. But she — she wasn't all that OK with me being taller. I wore a lot of flats.

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