Interview With Katherine Brooks

AE: Is there a real possibility
of having Loving Annabelle go as a TV series?
Yeah. There’s been talks about it. Diane was into doing it. And Erin’s into
doing it. Gus [actor Gustine Fudickar], who plays Cat, is into doing it. I think
we could bring a lot of the cast back.

There are a lot of options because I do feel Annabelle has such a cool following with
younger kids. People have approached me about writing a book or doing a play. There’s
definitely a lot of mediums to explore with it, just not a sequel. And I’m open
to them all, [but] it’s something I would just want to executive produce.

AE: Annabelle: The Musical?
[laughs] No musical.

AE: Where do you think
it’s most likely to happen? Cable, network, a kids’ channel?
I’d probably want to take it to HBO or Showtime or one of the bigger networks.
I’m not opposed to doing it on Logo or here! Network. I guess at this point, whomever
bites first will be catching the big fish of Annabelle.

AE: What do you think
of gay broadcasters like here! and Logo?
I think gay material is becoming more mainstream, but I still feel like
it needs to go to the next level where it’s not about being gay; it’s just main
characters that happen to be gay. I don’t know what it is about the community, but
people that are gay really love to talk about being gay. And I’m just not like that.
I’m gay, but I don’t sit around and talk about being gay. More movies need to just
have great story lines where it’s about other things besides sexuality.

AE: You did a short called
Finding Kate, which also stars Erin, about
two female cousins who are attracted to each other. And then, of course, Loving Annabelle depicts a love affair between
a student and a teacher. What is it about taboo relationships that you find so interesting?
I like taking topics that aren’t necessarily accepted and making them acceptable.
So, telling stories where someone might be judgmental about, say, two cousins having
an affair, but then show that story in a way that [the audience] might think outside
the box and say, "Oh, this might be OK." I think there’s exceptions to
every rule [that] we as a society put on things, about what is taboo. I like to
push the envelope with that.

AE: You’ve worked with
Erin on three projects now. Do you ever write a part with her in mind?
I wrote Annabelle with her in
mind. Well, I had already started writing Annabelle, but it wasn’t that kind of draft where you’re
just massaging your characters. When I met Erin, that’s when Annabelle came to life.

AE: Do you have other
actors who have been in all your films, like Christopher Guest and Woody Allen do?
No, just Erin. She’s the special one.

AE: She’s your muse.
Yeah, she’s my muse.

AE: Did you have to teach
her any lesbian things for Loving Annabelle?
I taught her the one-handed bra unsnap.

AE: I don’t remember seeing
her do that.
I think we ended up cutting directly to when [Simone's] bra was coming off.
I cut it too quickly to see it, but I know she did it.

AE: Please do a director’s
cut and get that shot back in.
Yeah, yeah.

AE: You said no sequel,
but what about a director’s cut?
Actually, our distributor asked me if I would do a director’s cut. And I
really would. I would do a cut where I would put the scenes back in, I would do
the different ending. Here’s the thing, and I’m going to speak for Erin and say
she’d probably do this, and for Diane, too: If someone gave me 50 grand, I’ll go
shoot the ending that I wanted to shoot and add it back on Annabelle and re-release the movie.

AE: I’ll give you 50 grand
right now.

AE: I noticed something,
perhaps you’re already aware. Your film titles: Loving Annabelle, Finding Kate, Waking Madison. I’m seeing a pattern: verb
and girl’s name.
It’s broken now. No more. My next one is about a female jockey and is called
The Boys Club. No chick name.

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Brooks, visit her MySpace page.

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