Interview With Jessica Clark


AE: You’re a life coach but you’re only
23 years old. What insights do you think you can offer people about life when you
yourself are so young?
People who want to work with me, there’s a specific appeal. If you’re a
20-something trying to find a new career direction, or [trying to] learn how to
communicate in your relationship or how to develop a stronger sense of self or with
your body, or have food issues, I think my life experience can be useful. I’ve
been open about the struggles that I’ve gone through and how I resolved them. I’m
quite passionate about it. But it’s not like you’re having problems and I can fix
you, but it’s just very much forward thinking and action. Where do you want to be?
How can we take you there? It’s the same process I had to apply to myself.

AE: I read one of your favorite TV shows
is Showtime’s Dexter. I love it, too,
because it’s about a serial killer. What kind of life coaching would you give a
serial killer?
Oh, I love Dexter. If I were his
life coach, I’d tell him, "You need to stop that."

AE: But he only kills people who deserve
it, Jessica.
Yeah, well that’s the beauty of Dexter.

AE: Maybe there are some models you’d
like to introduce to Dexter?
Oh, you’re trying to get me to gossip. [laughs] I don’t know. [pauses]

AE: All right. Do models ever fight over
outfits? What goes on backstage at a show?
Everyone wants to either open the show or close the show. Either you’re
the first girl out, or the last girl out, you’re the most memorable. And then, no
one wants the flat shoes. Everyone wants the heels. It’s very hard to do the walk
in a flat shoe. Some people fight about that.

AE: Some of the clothes are pretty outrageous.
Do you ever think to yourself, "I look like an idiot"?
[laughs] I think the key to being a good model is to not care [what you
look like]. If you have to get a shot, you might have to jump up and down in the
air on the street when everyone’s watching you.

AE: In New York, you see people jumping
up and down in the street every day. No one cares. Also, people in their
underwear playing guitars. And Boy George picking up garbage.
[laughs] What was the question again?

AE: How do you make it work, when you
know you look like a total jackass in that designer’s clothes?
Close your eyes and think of the money.

AE: Are there any other lesbian models?
Pretty much every model’s bi-try. So, they’ll go there. But openly gay?
Amanda Moore is, I guess, the most well-known one.

AE: Have you dated other models in
the past?
Yes, but not many, and not seriously, because they’re not really my
type. I like physically powerful women with muscles. [Models] all have to be so
thin. Also, the schedules never match up; you’re always in different countries
than the other.

AE: Nevertheless, models come onto
you when they find out you’re gay?
Yes, certainly. Totally.

AE: How does your girlfriend, Lacey, feel
about that?
She thinks it’s funny because she knows I don’t want them.

AE: It’s a compliment for her, really.
Yeah. Actually, women hit on her and men hit on me. So, we find it funny.
She gets hit on a lot. And it’s a compliment to me!

AE: [laughs] Where did you meet Lacey?
We met at the gym almost two years ago. I asked her out. I had a schoolgirl
crush for a while and when we saw each other at [a girl bar] in the Village, she
was like: "What? That girl’s gay?"

AE: There it is again. But it worked out
this time, right?
We’re happy.

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