Interview with Jennifer Beals


AE: You’re being honored this week (June 5) by the Orange County Gay and Lesbian Center ā€” they’re awarding you its Torch Bearer Award.
I know! I’m not sure why, but Iā€™m thrilled!

AE: The award is given to those who have "gone bravely ahead, lighting the way for others in the community and who have helped non-LGBT community see the humor and irony in the separation of LGBT people from the mainstream limelight." What does this recognition mean to you?
It’s an amazing award. I’m really excited. And in Orange County, no less. Rose Troche is going to present it to me. I’m so excited! I don’t think she’s seen the book yet, and it’s such a love letter to her in so many ways. I can’t wait for her to see it.

AE: Do you still keep in touch with everyone?
Off and on. I’d love to have a reunion; I tried to organize one so I could show everyone the photographs, but it really was like wrangling cats.

AE: A cast reunion would be great ā€” to hear what everyone’s working on and how the show has changed them.
I think the show has changed everybody so intensely. I feel like I’ve been really lucky that the sets I have gone to have been very inclusive and very nurturing. It was an eye opener for a lot of people. To move to a set where things didn’t really have a larger meaning would be very odd and frustrating.

AE: Have you seen any of the trailers for The Real L Word? What do you think?
No, I haven’t, but it sounds hilarious! I would only suggest that they get Ilene to write them some scenes. But it’s a completely different animal.

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