Interview With Hannah Blilie


AE: How do you think the change in the lifestyle you live is going to affect the songwriting on the next album?
I’m not sure. Definitely the songs have always come out of a place of struggle or pain, so as life gets more comfortable, I hope that the songs don’t sound more comfortable.

I think the biggest thing is for us to have time off from touring. It’s really hard to get in a creative space when you’re constantly on the road, playing every night.

That’s a good question — I’m not sure what the answer is yet. We’ll see. The stuff that we’ve been writing so far has been really diverse, and I think there’s still a lot to be passionate and angry about. And there’s a lot to say about the world in general, even if it’s not about personal struggle — which it still can be. It can be about the larger struggle in the world. I’m sure we’ll keep our feminist themes that have been on the other records.

AE: What is it like now to go back to Portland after traveling all over and having tabloids follow you? Is there anything different?
Nothing’s changed here, really, which I think everybody appreciates. It’s really nice to come home and just live normal lives and have that — kind of be separate. That’s why we’re not really all that interested in mainstream success in the U.S. We prefer to come home and be with our partners and dogs and cats, and be homebodies and stuff, and not have this kind of rock star thing follow us around everywhere.

AE: Is there anything else The Gossip is going to be doing before the live album drops, or are you just going to be taking advantage of all the free time you have now?
We are doing a few things. We’re going to the U.K. in October to play this one big show called Fashion Rocks, and it’s with Beyoncé and Paul McCartney and all these huge superstars. [It's] this fashion show where bands play on the runway while the fashion show’s happening. We’re playing for this designer, and I don’t actually know his name. I don’t pay attention to fashion that much.

Then we have a huge festival we’re playing in France in November, and then we go to Australia, New Zealand and Japan in December. So we’re still on the road. We have a couple of weeks off here and there, but we’re doing some touring, and then after the last trip we’re taking time off to write, so we’ll take some much needed "me" time.

AE: So you won’t be touring in the U.S. until next spring?
Yeah, at least. We might do a few shows in January when the live record comes out here, just big cities mostly. But yeah, the record has been out for so long that we’re just like, ugh, let’s just take a step back and wait until we have some songs written that we can tour off of again. It starts to get redundant for us. And fans, I’m sure, [are] like, "They’re playing this set again?"

People might be bummed that we canceled our November portion in the U.S., but I think it’s in everybody’s best interest. Give us some time, and we’ll get some new songs together, and we’ll be able to tour off the new record.

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