Interview with Grace Park


AE: Going from Edgemont to Battlestar Galactica, how was that transition, especially when Battlestar blew up the way it did.

GPBattlestar was really wonderful because it was kind of a satellite project in a way. We got to film it in Vancouver, the network was in New York, the studio was in LA but we were really off on our own shooting and that was perfect for the show because we were in space looking for a remote planet so it matched the story and what we were doing.

We were on our own, figuring things out as much as we could, getting orders over the phone, there were so many parallels.

Park on Battlestar Galactica

The other thing is that we also finished shooting right before we went to air so on Tuesday morning everyone would be asking about the ratings and it totally weirds you out. Ratings? We’re talking about war and death and love and torture and you want to know was it a 2.3 or what? That totally threw me off.

When I’m in LA and that’s what happened when first episode aired, everyone was running around and I was like “What’s going on?” the producers came in and talked to us about it and I was like “Can we get back to work now?”

Maybe I’m just a little more pragmatic and that can be fun but, depending on what you’re shooting and I must have really wanted to shoot that scene because it was fun or something.

AE: Are you enjoying playing a human after playing the humanoid Cylon Number Eight on Battlestar Galactica?

GP: Yes, I am playing human! It gets a little boring. I’m kidding…it’s funny, there was a line that we had on the show this year. We were looking for some girl on Craigslist and she was saying something like “stray dogs, used toasters and washed up crack hos.” 

I was like “Toasters? What? I want to see that!” It was my old character kicking in.

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