“Faking It” EP Carter Covington on the finale and the future of Karmy

AE: Since you’ve read my recaps (which again, I really appreciate) then you know that Amy is a character whose journey I really relate to. In a lot of ways it almost eerily mirrors my own journey.  But I think what a lot of gay women are frustrated with is it often feels like the whole idea of falling somewhere on a spectrum, or going on this journey, falls almost exclusively on female characters on TV. And it seems to give ammunition to people (my parents were a great example) who, when you come out them, are like “aww it’s just a phase, this is something you’re going through but you just need to meet the right guy.” And it is frustrating to see that repeated over and over again.  And I’m not saying that it’s something that doesn’t happen, but my biggest wish is that you could see more of that with male characters. Do you think you could write a story like this about a guy? 

CC:  I totally feel like these characters could swap genders, but I do think there’s something about female friendship, especially in teenagers, that crosses the line into an emotional territory that often is the same space that a romantic relationship would occupy. And I don’t think that society allows males to have that same friendship. So my friendships with guys were very like punching them in the arm while I loved them, I didn’t have a lot of hope they loved me back.  And I always envied girls who had this really close relationship with each other; who could braid each others’ hair and tell each other secrets and have an emotional intimacy that I didn’t feel like I could have with my friends.

AE: Oh, you shouldn’t have. It made it so much worse. You could believe they loved you back forever. YEARS at a time. 

CC: I know! So it’s more painful, and I guess for me, it’s that question of do you enjoy watching a show that helps you? For me, I like to write shows that help me process my pain. I enjoy watching characters struggle and I enjoy seeing them make mistake. I really enjoy getting a character and rooting for them and being shocked when they do something wrong and hoping they’ll get out of the hole. I don’t watch TV just to escape. And that was my intention with this show, was to really tell MTV, I’m going to tell a story that I feel like has not been seen on TV, and is going to be an emotional rollercoaster every week. And every week people are going to be like “I wish this was twice as long.”

I’ve really tried to deliver that. And that requires pushing the envelope, but I don’t feel like I’m being shocking to be shocking. I feel like I’m being shocking in the sense that we understand why the characters are making the choices they’re making. And we’re watching them make a mistake and we’re like “NO DON’T DO IT” and they do it anyway.  That was a long, sprawling answer, that kind of took me away from your original question, which is that: yes, there is a tendency to dismiss female sexuality as more fluid than male sexuality.  And I think that is a much larger question than our show. That delves into gender roles and all sorts of things that I can’t control. But what I can control is that it didn’t feel authentic for me to tell a story about a girl’s sexual identity and have it resolved in eight episodes. That didn’t feel like a true journey that a real person goes on. So, to me, the show is getting pulled into bigger conflicts that I knew were out there, but I didn’t know the show was going to get sucked into. And I never set out to comment on.



AE: I think you’re up for it. I’m so glad you got picked up for a season two. 

CC: Oh god, me too. My biggest, biggest fear was that this show would end after eight episodes, and that felt horrible. I was going to have to go to all these interviews and talk about all of my plans for the show and assure Karmy plans out there that had the show gone on, they would have really been happy. My message to them now is: be patient. Hopefully we have lots of seasons. And I’m going to make sure that this show continues to deliver the feels. Both good and bad. And that doesn’t mean that the show is now all bad feels. There’s good times ahead, I guarantee it.


AE: Okay, unrelated question: do you know what Lauren’s pills are? 

CC: I do. That’s something we pitched the network when we pitched the first season. And that’ll play out next season.  The reason for the pills will be the thread that brings Lauren into the show.

AE: I’m so excited for that. She’s a really magnificent character. They all are, but she in particular, and I think that’s a hard note to hit. 

CC: Thank you, and she’s just such a great actress that I’m so excited to give her more to do.

AE: Everyone says that. “She’s not really mean! She’s just a great actress!” I think you’re all just afraid of her. 

CC:  It’s crazy! She’s so nice! I’m daily like, where does this come from? Do you go behind closed doors and just, like, scream?

AE: Okay, there’s one more thing I think we need to talk about.  Or a question I want to ask. With Amy and Liam’s hookup scenewhich as I said, I thought was a little slick—are we going to see the resolution of that scene in season two or just the aftermath? 

CC: I appreciated your point about that, because when we shot that the director wanted to make it very sexy, and I was like “it has to be fast and I want it to end on the picture of Karma and Amy.” Because to me, the importance of Amy and Liam sleeping together isn’t Amy and Liam, it’s what happens to Amy and Karma now that this betrayal has happened. And so we will start the next morning with Amy hungover in bed, waking up and realizing what she did.

AE: (whispering) oh god. 

CC: So it’s her new secret next season, while she’s also trying to figure out what it meant that she slept with a guy and then she and Karma are trying to move forward. And Karma is very determined that this declaration of love is not going to affect their friendship, that they’re not gonna grow apart. It’s going to be a lot of fun, too, because we’re a comedy, but I think it sets up some really good emotional things for the characters to go through.


(both laugh) 

CC: Well, I like to write funny things that turn around and punch you in the gut. I don’t know why; maybe I’m a sadist.  But it is my style. But I enjoy being on a roller coaster of emotions, when I watch TV and when I write it.

AE: So do you have any idea when we can expect season two?  

CC: What I can tell you is I am in the writers’ room right now, so we are back it and eager to get going.

Stay tuned for Season 2 of Faking It!

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