Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell


AE: It seems that taking on gay roles today is less of a negative thing for a career then it might have been when you did Gia. Do you agree it’s less risky now?

EM: That’s what I was told when I did it. One thing that has always been a really big deal for me: People should be able to love the people they want to love. Whenever I was offered [roles] along those lines, that made me happy. Because it makes me quite sick when people can’t [love whom they choose.] It makes me crazy.

I think it’s worked out the way it was supposed to. I think it’s kind of a way of putting things out there and showing how beautiful life can be, in so many different ways. And I like that. It should be that way.

AE: What can you tell me about the movie Answers To Nothing? I know it doesn’t have a release date yet but what is your role in the film?

EM: I play a wife who is in a tenuously unhappy relationship and is trying to have a baby. There are a lot of little things that happen here and there and it’s a huge ensemble in the truest sense of the world.

AE: The ensemble includes Julie Benz, Barbara Hershey and Dane Cook. What was that like?

EM: Sometimes, you get to play a role where its’ all in the words, and all in the writing. It’s all just lyrical and beautiful and you just live here. That’s what I got to do with my character, Kate.

I don’t know when [audiences] will see it – I just saw it because they sent me a copy. I loved my little character and that she was such a tragic person. I truly loved it.

AE: Anything fun planned for the holidays?

EM: I’m just hanging out with my little boy and being a Jedi Master, as I am most times with him! [laughs] I have only men around me, so what am I going to do?

With son, Chris

I come from an enormous family of women, which is probably the reason I’m so captivated by women. That’s all I really know. Men are, “Oh, what is this strange creature?” But women, I know. I’m having all my sisters and all my female friends gather here for a pretty massive slumber party, so that will be great.

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