Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell

AE: I love that Jane Badler from the original V series is joining the show as Anna’s mother. She’s so jovial in real life but then you see her as Diana and she’s so scary!

EM: You watch her onscreen and she’s something else, but then you meet her and she’s down to earth and funny and kind and just lovely. I had a great time with her.

AE: In the beginning, Diana is being held prisoner by her daughter. Is it safe to say she won’t be Anna’s little prisoner forever?

EM: I think it’s pretty safe to say. That’s the hope anyway.

AE: Does it put pressure on you that it’s an ensemble show but your name comes up first and you’re seen as the lead. Does that create pressure?

EM: No, I’m not much of a pressure girl. I just do what I want to and then go back to my quiet little life. I don’t feel too much pressure [but] I do feel that it’s quite a bit of work because I’m always there. Marina is the face of the show and she’s definitely the one who’s out there. She’s so captivating and that’s really fun.

I’m surrounded by a bunch of pretty wonderful people and I get to spend a great deal of time with them. And I try really hard [to ensure] that we do the best work we can. But it’s not pressure. I think that you succeed or you don’t succeed. I don’t get too wrapped up in that. I’m too old. [laughs] I just enjoy where I am.

AE: Gia is something that has stuck with you throughout your career. Do you still hear from the fans about it?

EM: I do hear from them. Sometimes, people have just seen it. I’ve had some of my best encounters with people because of that movie. I’ve had young women hug me and say, “Thank you.” I’m very grateful that I did it and grateful that people are still seeing it, [some] for the first time.

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