Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell

AE: You have a great fight scene in the new season with Rekha Sharma, who plays a V mole on the show. How much preparation goes into a sequence like that?

EM: We had to kind of change that fight up because I’m about a foot taller that Rekha. I couldn’t get anywhere near her or I would have hurt her. She’s the most beautiful little thing, so when we choreographed it, she would just throw me around. That’s what the whole thing was.

She was so strong [in the script]. It was much better than if it had actually been a fight fight. She just looked massive, so she would basically touch me and I’d go flying. It’s always fun to get all sorts of scars and blood all over your face. I love that stuff.

Capturing Rekha Sharma

AE: So far, there hasn’t been a strong lesbian presence on the show. Is there a place for lesbians in the world of V?

EM: I keep pitching for Erica and Anna to get together! [laughs] I hope so! That would be wonderful! I mean, it certainly is a wonderful place to have all kinds of love. I’m all for it!

I’m always a fan of showing all different sides of human nature, human sexuality and sensuality. I much prefer that. I think they’re so story-driven right now that they aren’t thinking about romance unless it just falls in their lap. If I just started going up there and kissing every woman, maybe it would change things. Maybe that’s what the tactic I need to take.

AE: That would spike the ratings for a certain demographic, don’t you think?

EM: Works for me! They’re my favorite demographic!

AE: So far, Anna has not figured out that you were the one to kill her babies.

EM: I feel like it’s going to be really bad when she does. I have a feeling.

AE: I’m guessing you can’t tell me when and if that is going to happen, right?

EM: I can’t tell you but I don’t think she’s going to be particularly pleased with me.

Setting plans in motion

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