Interview with “Chica Busca Chica” star Celia Freijeiro


AE: With the addition of English subtitles, even more readers on have avidly followed Chica Busca Chica online. Why do you think viewers have already taken to this show, and why do you think others can relate to it?
CF: What I like most about Chica Busca Chica is how funny it is. It tells the characters’ stories of mix-ups and flirting with a fresh perspective and good-natured humor. In the end, isn’t the “cocktail” fresh, sexy and appealing?

AE: Can you give us any juicy details about what’s in store for us next season?
CF: There will be pregnancies, new romances, weddings and a lot of new women.

AE: You have your own production company, Pocapena Producciones. Are you currently working on any projects?
CF: Despite the success of the first season of Chica Busca Chica, it seems that there isn’t a single TV network or producer that’s interested in producing the second season because of the lesbian theme, so Pocapena Producciones has signed an agreement with the creators, Sonia Sebastian and Olga Iglesias, to acquire the rights.

We’re looking for funding because we believe that the second season should receive the production it deserves. The first thing we’re going to make is a short that will advance the plot of the second season, but which will be meaningful in itself. We’re really excited!

AE: How do you think The L Word compares to CBC?
CF: I love The L Word: it’s a great series, really well produced. CBC was made out of love and commitment. No one believed in a project like this, and Sonia and Olga didn’t have support or funding. They filmed the scenes in friends’ houses and bars and cut costs where they could … but they made it! And look where it’s come! We’re really proud of it and deeply flattered by whatever comparison CBC gets to The L Word.

AE: What kind of impact do you think CBC has on the LGBT community and peoples’ acceptance of their sexuality?
CF: I believe that television and theater should function as mirror to society. Artistic works such as CBC are essential to make the mirror grow richer, bigger, more colorful and more representative of real society.

AE: Are you considering acting in the U.S.? American fans would love to have you, and have already fallen in love with Nines (even though she’s trouble).
CF: At the moment I’m writing to you from Barcelona, where I’m filming the second season of Pelotas, a series for Televisión Española with which I’m really happy.

Nothing would make me happier than working in the States as an actress. I really admire the United States’ work capacity, the support for talent and the arts, and the industry in general. I graduated from Dewitt High School in Arkansas and since then I’ve wanted to return. I’ll take this opportunity to send a big kiss to my dear little American city – go Dragons!

Chica Busca Chica (Girl Seeks Girl) is available for purchase from Wolfe Video, and can be viewed online at or Terra TV.

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