Interview with “Chica Busca Chica” star Celia Freijeiro


AE: What’s it like taking on the role of the resident player and heartbreaker of the show?
At first, I was a little scared by how the script described Nines. I wanted to shed a light on the part of her that was more tender, more naïve, and more fun, so that viewers wouldn’t be left with only her “scoundrel” aspect.

AE: Do you see aspects of yourself in Nines?
CF: Of course, it’s been a pleasure to play Nines. I don’t usually do the things that she does, get myself into the messes that Nines does, or hook up with people so shamelessly. Perhaps it gave me the opportunity to experiment with being a little wilder and cheeky, which was really fun.

AE: Nines clearly has commitment issues — she hits on Mónica’s roommate, Carmen the “hetero,” the morning after she sleeps with Mónica. Will we ever see Nines settle down?
CF: I shouldn’t reveal too much, but I can say that in the second season there will be a truly great effort (from Nines) to settle down … and it’s possible that it’s not with Carmen. But will she succeed?

AE: How has it been working with director Sonia Sebastián and scriptwriter Olga Iglesias?
CF: It was a real luxury. Sonia is full of energy and her vision. She’s an excellent director. You never feel lost on set and she dedicates all the time necessary for the scene to be where she thinks it needs to be. She makes the whole team feel comfortable, and not only that, she makes everyone a fundamental part of the project.

AE: You get to kiss a lot of beautiful ladies in the series — characters Mónica, Carmen, Rossi — with whom did you have the best chemistry (and best kissing scenes)?
CF: We all truly got along well together, and it was a really fun shooting process full of jokes, kisses and laughter. With Carmen and Monica, the truth is that we’ve been friends for a long time and we really enjoyed doing scenes together.

AE: What has been the biggest challenge for you in terms of filming the show?
CF: Although until now I’ve been telling you about the positive aspects, I should recognize that bringing Chica Busca Chica forward was really complicated. Very few people were ready to gamble on the project, and not a single network wanted it as part of their programming.

In the end we were able to get the project afloat despite having not the best conditions. So now after so much effort, Chica Busca Chica’s success is really rewarding. The distributor that is currently in charge of Chica Busca Chica in the U.S. has filled us with joy and new ideas.

AE: What kind of feedback have you received from Spanish and international fans? Has there been any backlash among more conservative groups in response to a lesbian TV series?
CF: The networks are still reluctant to show a series like this, but the public response — both Spanish and international — couldn’t be better. They’ve sent us messages of support and love, and with that we’ll remain and push forward.

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