Interview with Brandi Carlile

AE: Which performers are you looking forward to playing with?
BC: I’ve been getting to know Miranda Lambert. I think she’s got a lot of tenacity in the country realm. She’s tough and she’s plowing through a new kind of country music with that edge about her. I’d love to sing something with her.

AE: What did your mom — who’s a country singer — think of your invitation to perform at the Grand Ole Opry?
BC: She can hardly get her head around it. I’m buying a plane ticket for everybody in my family to come out and see it. It’s a huge thing for our family. The Grand Ole Opry was the mothership growing up and it meant the world to my mom that I was asked to be a part of it. It means the world to me to be included. It means that times are changing.

AE: You just announced your U.K./Ireland and European tour dates which takes you from mid-April to mid-May. Any plans to tour solo beyond this leg?
BC: We’re going to tour all throughout the summer. We’re doing the Newport Folk Festival, Telluride, Bonnaroo; and in the fall, we’re putting together a compilation of symphony shows. We’re going to go to Denver, Cedar Rapids; we’re going to play symphonies. We’ll get like seven, eight, nine towns going with their local symphony. It’s going to be a real charge to play with a symphony. If you think “The Story” is epic, just imagine it with a 40-piece orchestra behind it.

AE: Just tell me the Hollywood Bowl in L.A. will be part of that.
BC: I don’t think I’m cool enough to play at the Hollywood Bowl!

AE: Dinah Shore weekend is coming up — have you been asked to play that before?
BC: Yeah. I got asked to play it last year; I was booked already.

AE: What prompted the Valentine’s Day EP, XOBC?
BC: Just the irony of the fact that I can’t write a love song to save my life. Because nobody does a Valentine’s Day EP, and we wanted to cover a couple of the songs and we had that song “Love Song” kicking around for a long time and it’s a really special song and I didn’t know how to use it.

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