Interview with Berta Hernandez of “Tierra de Lobos”


Questions from readers: 

Posted by Moodified:

Do you think that, somehow, the love story between Cristina and Isabel, framed in a period piece watched by so many people of such different ages, could help present homosexual relationships (lesbian relationships in particular), as something perfectly natural in the eyes of the most conservative part of Spanish society?

BH: The conservative part of Spanish society is reeeeally conservative, too much in fact. But, if this love story can at least manage to make them waver a bit, convey or stir some sort of emotion…at least it will be a step in the right direction, it’s a start. We have to move forward taking one step at a time, and I think we’re taking an important step.

The character of Cristina has undergone a certain evolution through the series. She went from being an ambitious woman who only cared about her welfare (provided by Lobo at that point), to being a scorned woman ready to take revenge at any cost, to finally show herself as a vulnerable woman who is in love, a woman strong enough as to not be afraid of putting her own life in danger in order to save Isabel’s life. How much do you think her relationship with Isabel has influenced Cristina, and vice versa?

BH: I think both of them have given the other that little bit of maturity these characters needed. Cristina has something to lose now, something to fight for. Her life would slip away if she lost Isabel, because now, she is her life. Isabel has also discovered love, and when someone falls in love, life gets a different meaning.

Posted by DRitz: 

Do the writers know how big the Crisabel story is?

BH: They weren’t aware of the impact this storyline was having all over the world until very recently. Adriana and I took it upon ourselves to inform them of the scope this story had. Now, they’re up to date … or so I believe. 

Posted by bazuka74: 

Where do you see yourself (career wise) in 10 years time?

BH: My wish is to keep enjoying myself, learning and making a living out of acting. So, I imagine myself happy with my profession, making films, theater, TV …  Much more mature, but with the same enthusiasm as my first time.

Posted by Cougar: 

How long have you and Adriana known each other/been friends? 

BH: Adri and I met during a previous project, but it was on TdL where we really got to know each other. It has been one of the gifts of this show to me, to work and learn with her. I love and admire her so much, I don’t think she realizes this, but I learn a lot working alongside her. Doing a scene with her is always a guarantee that it’s going to work, because she knows how to rise to the challenge in every situation.

Posted by lara2: 

Has your (delightful) Andaluz accent ever been an obstacle to a role? Or an advantage?

BH: Whenever my accent has been an obstacle for a role, I’ve been asked to change it and did so accordingly. To play other characters, like the gypsy in “2 de Mayo” (“May the 2nd”), my accent was an advantage. And then, there are shows where your accent is of no consequence. I prefer to work with my natural accent, but if I need to change it, I don’t have any problem in doing so.

Posted by Foxdith: 

What do you admire in Cristina? What do you dislike about Cristina?

BH: What I admire about Cristina is her courage and her honesty. There were moments when I didn’t like her spoiled brat attitude, but I would forgive her anything!

Favorite Crisabel moment?

BH: My favorite Crisabel moment is the scene where we kiss for the first time, when Isabel gets into the room to thank me for saving her from the army. I think we managed to reflect exactly what we wanted. It moves me when I watch that scene.

If you could give Cristina one piece of advice what would it be?

BH: And my advice for Cristina, even though I believe she already knows this and she can put me to shame (maybe she should be the one giving me advice), would be to follow her heart, always.

Posted by Kiana94: 

You are a talented musician! Love your voice! Have you written any songs? If yes, what kind; ballad, rock? Other than the guitar, do you play any other instruments? 

BH: Yes, I have written songs, a few… I love to write and then put music to the things I’ve written. Some of them are on the rock side; others are a bit more relaxed. I like experimental music, like trip hop (Portishead, Massive Attack, Goldfrapp). I listen to and write all kinds of music, but mostly I love singer-songwriters, especially Joaquín Sabina. I think he’s a poet … a master. I play guitar and try my hand at other instruments, but I play it all by ear. Some percussion, the flute … nothing serious though, better if you don’t listen to me. Plus, I only do it in private; no one should have to suffer for my impudence. [Laughs]

Posted by Parker7:

I know you have done a lot of musical theatre. If you could play any character in any musical (not limited by vocal range/gender etc) who would it be?

BH: There are many great characters and musicals … It’s a difficult choice, but I think I would pick The Emcee from Cabaret.

From fans at Crisabel Fans International (Facebook group):

If you did not pursue acting, which profession would you be in right now?

BH: I must confess I’m addicted to stationery stores. [Laughs] I swear! I love to be surrounded by pens, folders and office supplies… When I was little, I used to think that if I couldn’t be an actress, I would open a stationery-bookstore where there would be a stage and I would do dramatic readings and acoustic concerts. It’s an idea that I haven’t discarded yet. But I guess if I weren’t an actress I would probably be behind the cameras, as part of the technical staff, maybe. I love photography, art, design, props, make-up. I guess that would be my best option.

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