Interview with “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Elina Ivanova

AE: I am really surprised Sam has lasted so long. I
thought for sure she was going home when Jeremy Scott told her she looked like
a stripper on the runway.

I know, I couldn’t believe that either.

AE: He basically wanted her out but the judges didn’t

Not at all. He was pissed!

AE: What was your favorite challenge you participated in?
My favorite challenge was definitely the Red Light
District. I know McKey and Sheena had a problem with it, so did Sam, but I
thought it was great. I’ve always wanted to go to Amsterdam so that was just

AE: You were very outspoken about animal rights on the
show. Is that something you thought about before you went on the show, that you
wanted to make sure to mention since it’s such a huge platform?

Of course. That’s exactly what I went in there for. It’s
something I believe in personally and my main goal is to communicate what’s
important to me and I definitely wanted to mention animal rights. I said to
myself, "As long as I’m here, as long as I explain what I care about, I’m
OK if I get sent home. As long as I get my message across." I definitely
wanted to touch on that subject.

AE: Was it similar for your sexuality? Or was there a
reason you wouldn’t want to bring it up versus a reason you would?

Yeah, I did want to bring it up. Seeing Isis, that
inspired me to talk about it even more. Once I heard her talk about it, and
anytime I really get to sit down with someone and talk about it and have that
understanding with someone, I just want to talk about it even more and open
minds, I guess. I want to explain my side and maybe change some views.

AE: Right, and since you’re so far along in the series,
now it’s just like a side note to your being a good model.

Yeah, that’s great. It’s progress.

AE: Is there anything else you would want people to know
about you and how you were portrayed on the show?

I pretty much said what I was about. I hope I said


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