Interview with “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Elina Ivanova


AE: Did you feel that towards the end, when the judges
were beginning to tell you that you were too controlled, that it was something
that they would continue to harp on because it fit better with television
like they carve out a niche for each girl?
There’s definitely some truth to that, but it didn’t
come from a false place. There were definitely some things about me that they
saw in terms of control. I like to present myself in a certain way and not look
silly, so that was definitely true. But the magnitude of the situation was very
exaggerated and it wasn’t reason enough to send me home, I don’t think.

AE: I guess if you have to be eliminated you’d rather it
be for being too controlled than any other reason.

Totally, I’d rather it be that than be for some personal

Marjorie & Elina in bottom two

AE: Are you planning on moving to New York or L.A. to
continue modeling?

Definitely. I want to move to New York in the next year
and this is the career that I’m definitely going to stick with. If not, then
something in entertainment for the fashion industry.

AE: A few past Top Model contestants have went on
to host television shows. Is that something you could see yourself doing?

It’s funny, in a previous interview I was told I’d be a
good newscaster or someone who comments on entertainment or politics because I
do have a lot of things to say. I like to argue, actually. So anything with
open communication on important issues would be great.

AE: Usually Tyra uses her show to have a Top Model
reunion. Is there anything like that coming up in the near future?

Not that I’m aware of, but a reunion would be great. I’d
love to see Clark again. [Laughs.] I’d love to have a reunion and leave

AE: I’m sure a lot of people are curious what you’re
going to do with your hair now. Are you keeping it how they styled it for you?

Oh no, I took it out the moment I got home. It’s just so
painful to have it in. Now it’s just back to dark brown.

AE: Is there anything you think people would be surprised
to find out about you?

Yeah, I maybe seemed uptight on the show, and I know I
said a few comments that were unnecessary. I don’t want to bitch, but I didn’t
seem like a very nice, warm person. Actually I’m not that tough of a girl; I’m
actually very sensitive and very emotional.

AE: Have you been in touch with anyone who you didn’t get
along with on the show, like Sheena?

No, the only person I talk to is Clark.

AE: She was eliminated kind of early on. I think a lot of
people were kind of shocked she was eliminated when she was.

Yeah, I didn’t agree with that elimination at all!

AE: You looked very upset.
Well, you know, just speaking based on modeling
potential, she was in the bottom two with Joselyn that week and I think, I
mean, Clark is incredible. She looks like a supermodel. I don’t know why she
got kicked off. That really pissed me off!

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