Imogen finally sees some action on “Degrassi”

But Imogen might not have heard that. She’s a little too busy checking out the new girl who is joining their history class. Jacqueline, aka Jack, catches Imogen’s eye as soon as she walks in the door and when Mr. Perino asks if anyone has room in their group has room for Jack, Imogen immediately raises her hand. Becky looks awkwardly out of place as Jack and Imogene discuss proto-facism and macchiatos.


Imogen suggests that the three of them get together after school to work on their project. Becky leans over and asks Imogen what a macchiato is, but Imogen is too busy making eyes at Jack to give her an answer.


While studying after school, Jack and Imogen are having a flirty debate over which Radiohead album is the best, and Becky attempts to break in to the conversation by praising the newest Taylor Swift release. Jack laughs, assuming that Becky is being sarcastic. When she realizes that Becky is serious, Jack tries to recover by changing the subject to art. Of course, Jack and Imogen are both into Ai Weiwei, a Chinese contemporary artist. And, of course, Becky has never heard of him. Yet, Becky keeps trying to insert herself into the intimate bubble Jack and Imogene are creating for themselves. Jack mentions that her ex used to work at a gallery in Berlin, so Becky jumps in to ask if Jack’s European boyfriend had a sexy accent.

Jack replies, “She is from Michigan.”


Jack has to run, but before she leaves, she asks Imogen if she wants to hang out the next day. Ever quirky, Imogen answers with a question, “Do chickens have beaks?” A simple, “Sure!” would have been sufficient but Jack seems satisfied with Imogen’s response.

Becky interrupts again to remind Imogen that the two of them already have plans to go shopping for the semi-formal, but Imogen is not going to let a dress get in the way of love. She solves the problem by inviting Jack to tag along. As a good friend, she does check with Becky to make sure it’s okay with her. But, it’s not like Becky to complain…at least, not in front of Imogen.

No, she waits until the next day when runs into Drew in the student council office. After hearing from Drew that Imogen and Fiona didn’t have a lot of other friends when they dates, Becky confesses that she’s worried that if Imogen and the new lesbian girl” start dating that she’ll be ditched. Drew reasonably points out that just because Imogen and Jack both date girls that doesn’t mean they’ll date each other, but Becky sees the writing on the wall. After all, they have so much in common! Obviously, Becky can’t ask Imogen not to date someone she’s really into just because Becky is afraid to lose her, so instead of trying to come between the two of them, Drew suggests that Becky “lock down their BFF-ship” with a girls night.

After an afternoon of shopping, Jack, Imogen and Becky return to Becky’s house for some milk and cookies. (Yes, Becky actually serves them milk and cookies. That’s our sweet and wholesome Becky!) Imogen recounts how forgetting to wear a bra to school one day led to a school-wide protest of the school dress code and Jack calls her weird. Becky defends Imogen, but Jack makes it clear with a flirty smile that being weird is a good thing.

Before digging into the pile of cookies, Becky insists that Jack go wash her hands in the bathroom down the hall and when she is gone, she takes the opportunity to ask Imogen to the sweetheart semi-formal.

Becky may not have intended to turn girl’s night into a date, but once Imogen called it a date, she didn’t correct her. This is about to get interesting.

Is Becky really falling for Imogen? Or is she just pretending to be interested in her romantically to keep Imogen in her life? Are you shipping Bemogen?

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