IM-ing with Nicol Paone

Dara: Can you teach me improv over an IM?

Nicol: Sure…We are at a laundromat and you are out of coins. I am doing laundry right next to you….GO!

Dara: Excuse me. Do you have any change? I’m out of quarters. And my baby is stuck between cycles

Nicol: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It’s a lesbian! GO AWAY! Don’t touch me!! Here take my purse, take my jewelry…..

Dara: Great, thanks!

Nicol: You’re good!

Dara: Wait. What are you doing later? Wanna move in with me?

Nicol: I am supposed to “Yes and…” here. So sure! I’ll move in with you!

Dara: Oh wait. Rebecca Drysdale nailed this one with her lesbian speed-dating bit. That was a good sketch-a-roo.

Nicol: Oh yes! That girl is an amazing writer!  So funny.

Dara: I guess it’s hard to be original!

Nicol: What do you mean?

Dara: I was going right into “move in, get out, let’s be BFF,  the end.” I saw the whole thing in my head in that second.

Nicol: LESSON 1 of IMPROV – Never plan anything!

Dara: But

Nicol: LESSON 2 – Let me do the talking! Because what if your partner has a different plan in his/her head then you are screwed!

Dara: Maybe I can only do improv with femmes since I let them do the talking anyway

Nicol: Ha! I would recommend that.

Dara: haha, you would. Do you think men and women approach comedy differently?

Nicol: No, I think that good comedians approach comedy better than the not-so-good comedians. But I don’t think it’s a gender thing. I do think that men *think they are funnier than women
but we are changing.

Dara: I think I speak for the entire country when I say “thank you.” I love that all these female comedians are popping up everywhere. Smart ones, ya know? Edgier than ever.

Nicol: Yes! How about that? Hmm, smart women comedians, whoda thunk it?

Dara: I thunk you are one of them, missy-poo.

Nicol: Well, I love making people laugh. Always have, always will!

Dara: Are you out of white wine spritzers yet?

Nicol: I am finished and schoochered! Yahoo! Who’s ready to play pin the tail on the pansy?

Dara: I was born ready.

Nicol: Tell me about it.

Dara: I think were done.

Nicol: OK!

Dara: Have a great night!

Dara: Bye weirdo.

Nicol: Weirdo! I hate that word!

Dara: Why, because it ends in a vowel, NICOL?

Nicol: Bye!

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