IM-ing with Nicol Paone


Dara: Hey. You see how the IM window tells you “so-and-so is typing” while you’re waiting for a response? I want it to say, “Nicol is thinking” or”Nicol is lighting a cigar” or “Nicol wandered outside because she thought you were rambling”

Nicol: What do you mean?

Dara: While I type, you see “Dara is typing,” right?

Nicol: Yes!

Dara: No one types slower than I do. Sorry.

Nicol: Don’t put yourself down, slowpoke. That’s my job. I am going on a run right now and will be back in time for your next question.

Dara: Shaddup and answer my questions.

Nicol: Ready! Go! Come on! Here we go! You can do it!

Dara: OK, I have one. Do you think anyone can learn to do improv, or is it an innate skill?

5:00 PM 

Sheesh now who’s slow?

Come on. Hello?

Keep up honey

You bisexuals are all alike

5:04 PM 

I do think that anyone can learn to improvise because really at it’s core, it is about listening and responding, NOT trying to be funny. If you notice some of the best improvisers are also great people to talk with because they listen and don’t try and push an agenda or a joke or anything like that. Whether people are funny improvisers, just depends on whether or not they are funny people or not. some people might disagree with me, but that’s my opinion.

Dara: But there are funny people and there are “civilians.”

Nicol: I think that it comes down to training and a funny civilian can be a great improviser, if they learn how to. I would rather improvise with a funny civilian than a comedian any day.

Dara: If funny people were an army, what would be your rank?

Nicol:  #1! No….I don’t know….#5,876

Dara: Does that make you a general?


Dara: I don’t think there’s any such thing, but okey-doke.


Dara: That’s better.

Nicol: Yup

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