IM-ing with Nicol Paone


Nicol: My favorite stuff this season….I got to play Glenn Close doing a voice over for Damages!

Dara: Oh God.

Nicol: Glenn is amazing. She’s about 32 % too dramatic.

Dara: 32%?

Nicol: I’ll have to do 32% to dramatic for you. Hold on, I’m saying the character is 32% too dramatic, not Glenn.

Dara: I get it. I love Glenn. She’s usually pitch-perfect.

Yes, and when I was going to set that day I told myself to be prepared not to look exactly like Glenn because our features are different but when Karen, our make-woman got to work, I looked so much like Glenn that it freaked me and everyone else out. It was scary. Who knows what it will look like on TV but it was crazy looking at myself that way.

Dara: Weird! You don’t look like Glenn Close at all. Kudos to Karen.

Nicol: I know! It was crazy.

Dara: You were in Funny People with Adam Sandler. That makes it official.

Nicol: Yes, I was DARA.

Dara: What was that like?

Nicol: Sooo cool!

Dara: Why are you CAPPING my ass NICOL?


Dara: Uh, OK. meep.

Nicol: Ha! Hey! Funny People.

Dara: We saw you in it. And when I say we, I mean Karman, Bridget and me. Wethought you were great, even though your role was serious.

Nicol: THANK YOU! It was a great experience.

Dara: You did a lot with your face.

Nicol: What does that mean?

Dara: Meaning you were very expressive in the subtle way it should be on the big screen, NICOL. I just wish you had more lines.

Nicol: Thanks, I was all worried that I was going to be too “big” and be doing my best Stritchy impersonation.

Dara: How many people did you have to beat out for the role?

Nicol: I don’t know, maybe 100, if that many.

Dara: Wow.

My final call back was with Judd [Apatow] and he read the part of Adam Sandler. After we finished doing the scene he goes “That was great, now let’s improvise” and I just felt good that day and was on it.

Dara: Did you see that “let’s improvise” thing coming? I bet a lot of actors would’ve had a meltdown.

Nicol: I had an answer for every little thing that Judd threw at me and by the time I got home they hired me.

Dara: Thank God for all your improv training!

Nicol: I KNOW!!!!

Dara: Any lines from the improv session of your audition make it into the film?

Nicol: No, but, I just got an email from the producer Barry Mendel and he told me that they cut 14 different versions of the scene because Adam and I
gave them so much!

Way to keep the editors employed. I don’t know how I feel about Aptow. He doesn’t seem too interested in female characters.

The way I see it is this….you can’t expect anyone to write from your point of view and Judd writes from his experience and his point of view and you can’t fault him for that.

Dara: OK.

Nicol: He does have a lot of women on staff and is developing a project for Kristen Wiig. It has a women’s point of view because it’s being written by two women. My friend Annie is the one of them.

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