If she was your girlfriend (I ran over her last night)


On last night’s episode (“Love Triangle”) of CBS legal drama Shark, James Woods and associates took on a case in which a teenage girl’s boyfriend found out she was in love with another girl, ran over his girlfriend’s girlfriend with his car, then tried to pin the hit-and-run on his girlfriend. (Real winner of a boyfriend, that guy! It’s a wonder she had eyes for anyone else.)

Although it did leave one lesbian/bi girl dead, and another one heartbroken, the episode provided a fairly positive portrayal of a lesbian relationship overall. The girls were clearly in love, and also, very cute (yes, the bar is that low on network TV). Plus, it was a rare example of an interracial teen lesbian relationship – one girl was white and rich, the other black and poor. Naturally, it was the black girl who ended up on the wrong end of the BMW…