How to Be a Gay Lady – Manners for the Modern Lesbian: Lesson Fifteen


Laughter is the best medicine

Some ladies who are otherwise potentially wonderful girlfriend material may be held back by a misplaced degree of self-esteem. Perhaps your new lady feels quite content wearing last season’s denim wear, or believes in her right to listen to music because it’s enjoyable, not because it’s cutting edge. Do not fret gay ladies; this can all be corrected with a healthy dose of well-aimed hilarity. She actually liked Eat, Pray, Love? Oh, how cuuuute. She listens to Shania Twain? Oh, stop it — my sides! Enough gently pointed merriment and she’ll soon be hiding these silly quirks from you, and most importantly, from the public.

Educate her

We all have unique experiences that arise from different kinds of backgrounds and shape us, so remember to be empathetic as you explore her flaws. Her choices in life may quite possibly extend from the fact that you weren’t around during her formative years to explain to her right from wrong. Luckily, you’re here now! Simply point out which long-held beliefs of hers are entirely erroneous and enlighten her as to the right way of living; she’ll be forever, gratefully, in your debt.

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