“House of Cards” recap (2.12): Stacking the Lies


Ayla Sayyad is interviewing Frank, surprised that he even wants to talk to her after she’s been dogging his administration. Listen to those instincts, Ayla. Frank notes that the Judicial Committee feels compelled to act in advance of the special prosecutor’s report because of all the media heat. Frank says the hearings were initiated by the press and he’s worried that the President will be tried by the press.

Frank tells her that whatever comes to light will prove the President’s innocence, that he’s never known anyone more honest, ethical, and patriotic than Garrett Walker. Ayla blinks.

Speaking of Garrett Walker, he and his wife are holding a humiliating press conference about their marriage and their marriage counseling. Claire and Frank watch while Feng reads Ayla’s coverage of Frank defending the President. Walker talks about facing his imperfections head-on as the special prosecutor and her team arrive to talk to Feng about a few imperfections of his own.

Jackie arrives at Murky Towers, on point and ready for danger. And also ready to talk about the assault bill, which won’t be happening. It’s time to talk about impeachment. She thinks impeachment can be avoided if they—

…But why, asks Frank, would we avoid such a thing? Why avoid it when we could distance ourselves and the party from a toxic President?

They can protect the President and lose 50 seats and her Whip position and spend 10 years clawing to get all that tasty power back… or Jackie Sharp can whip up the votes for impeachment. She would get Claire’s support for whatever version of the assault bill she wants, and all three of them would stay in power. And they can only rise from there.

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Frank tells Jackie that he and she and Claire are cut from the same cloth. Why have a dragon war when the three of them can form a dragon alliance? Trust them: The Underwoods know how to work in threes. Jackie says this is just shy of treason. Frank says it’s just politics.

Jackie tries to get her bearings and bumps into Frank’s battlefield model. She asks what it is, and he explains that it’s something he and Claire have been working on for a very long time.

Won’t she help them finish?

Holy hell, y’all. See you next week.

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