Hot Women of Slightly Obscure Sports


Sarah Burke, Skiing

Oh, Canada! You do export some gorgeous women! Sarah Burke is another Canuck, and another superpipe competitor. She, too, has scored five X Games medals, the most recent of which was this very year. Every time I see an interview with Burke, she talks about these docile activities she enjoys, like knitting and baking. I guess it can’t be 540-back-flips all the time.

Allyson Felix, Track and Field

I once saw Allyson Felix holding all of her Olympic and World Championship medals at one time — 22 in all! — and I was surprised she wasn’t crushed under the weight of them! One thing I adore about Felix is that she’s a part of “Project Believe,” Team USA’s anti-doping agency that seeks to restore faith in Track & Field. Also, I feel like her smile in real life might actually melt me.

Gina Carano, Mixed Martial Arts

Among her many badass qualities — cage-fighting, anyone? — is the fact that Gina Carano doesn’t mind showing up on a red carpet wearing nothing more than jeans and bra. (If I looked like Carano, I woldn’t put on clothes EVER.) Carano is the face of Mixed Martial Arts. She was meant to return to the ring in February of this year, but an undisclosed medical problem kept her sidelined. She did, however, wow the  fanboys and fangirls at San Diego Comic-Con this summer!

Who are some of your favorite hot women from the realm of slightly obscure sports?

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