Hot Women of Slightly Obscure Sports

Leryn Franco, Javelin

Leryn Franco was raised in Paraguay, but the whole world opened up to her when her face appeared on international television during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. And what a face it is! Franco has medaled twice in the javelin throw in the South American Championships, but most recently she’s taken to modeling, including an appearance in Sports Illustrated‘s 2008 swimsuit issue.

Gretchen Bleiler, Snowboard

Gretchen Bleiler is a five-time X Games superpipe medal winner. She won her most recent gold medal at the 2010 games. The 2010 Olympics weren’t too kind to her, but she channeled her energy into creative pursuits to recover, first with Oakley and then with K2. Bleiler has been profiled in one gazillon magazines, from People to Women’s Health. Oh, and also FHM. (Again, Google if that’s your kind of thing.)

Jolene Van Vugt, Motocross

Canadian gal Jolene Van Vugt is a serious badass. She’s the first woman to ever backflip a full-sized dirt bike in a competition. Stunts like that are why she holds more than one Guinness World Record, and why Van Vugt is a full-time stunt girl these days. (I chose that particular photo because I really value a woman who is proud of her scars! And casts!)

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