Hot Women of Slightly Obscure Sports

Allison Baver, Speed Skating

If you want to see speed skater Allison Baver in her underoos, just Google “Allison Baver.” She took home a bronze medal in Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics, but she’s probably most famous for her ESPN The Magazine photoshoot in which she bared her awesomely muscular buttocks. She’s also been featured in Esquire, GQ, and on my own personal desktop.

Mia St. John, Boxing

She looks so friendly, doesn’t she? That “love the whole world” T-shirt and zillion-watt smile. But don’t be fooled: In the ring, Mia St. John is a force. She has been both the WIBA and WIBF lightweight champ, and when she wasn’t boxing, she was winning national Tae Kwon Do championships. Oh, and also, she has a degree in psychology. So she can help you analyze your emotions while she’s beating you to a pulp.

Mimi Knoop, Skateboarding

Hailing from Cuba, Mimi Knoop is one of the most celebrated female skateboarders in the world. When she’s not racking up the X Games medals, she’s working for her non-profit organization that seeks to initiate girls into the world of skateboarding. She also has a degree in fine arts, which she uses to design skateboards and installations that have been shown around the country.

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