Holly Miranda is an Overnight Success 11 Years in the Making


"The EP was something to have to sell this summer at shows and in New
York and on the website," Miranda said. "It’s pretty homemade. [My best
friend of eight years] Raimy took the photo on the cover of me jumping in
the pool."

Only one song from the EP will make it to the final cut of the
full-length CD, which will be released sometime next year. It’s been a
long process, Miranda said, as she’s not sure what label she’ll go with
yet, and word of mouth keeps getting more and more fans excited about
her solo work.

"I think the Kanye West thing was a fluke that made a lot of people
take a listen," Miranda said. "I think [it helps] that Dave [Sitek] and Katrina Ford (of Celebration) co-produced the record and that a few of the guys from TV on the Radio are on it.”

"It’s funny," she continued. "Whenever I hang out with Dave, he’ll
say different people have been asking about my record, like
Trent Reznor. It’s really bizarre!

The album is finished in its entirety, and now comes the hard part —
waiting for it to be released. Until then, Miranda is touring with two
accompanying musicians, while also trying to fit in seeing her

Photo credit: Kurt Christensen

"I think I’ll probably always stay in New York but right now I’m
dating someone that lives on the other coast," Miranda said. "I’ve been
spending a lot of time in Los Angeles."

Miranda is completely out, but she doesn’t like to label herself when it comes to being talked about as a musician.

"I have no problem being out, but I don’t think it has anything to
do with my music," Miranda said. "I like who I like. I don’t want
people to not listen to my music because of that and I don’t want
people to listen to my music because of that. I haven’t had to deal
with it in a professional way very much yet."

And while the album will not have any love songs about her new
relationship because it’s been 11 years in the making, it’s sure to
have some lesbian-esque subtext.

"Usually if I’m writing a love song it’s probably about a girl," Miranda said. "That’s just me."

As long as it’s in the same vein as the songs I’ve heard so far, Ms. Miranda, that is totally fine with me.

Learn more at HollyMiranda.com, and MySpace.com/HollyMiranda,
follow her on Twitter, and listen to her music below:

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