Hiking with Ariel Schrag

AE: Did you remember them as you were watching them or remember them differently?

AS: I had actually conflated some of the episodes. Like the Spring Fling and Senior Prom, in my mind, were the same night. In the Spring Fling episode, Brenda and Dylan have sex for the first time, and in the Senior Prom episode, Donna gets wasted — "Donna Martin Graduates." In my memory these were same night, so I had to regroup and realize that they were actually years apart.

What was so fun about it is that 15 years is a really long time to not experience something, so it was like sort of not knowing what was going to happen and then, "Wait! I do know!" and get really excited. I already had an affection and empathy for the characters. As well as a hatred, especially for David, who I despise and think is the worst character ever.

AE: So you met Jamie Blake, of Vixtrola and The Rentals, not too long ago who, was actually on 90210 as herself. Was that weird meeting her?

AS: Well, she came on in the College Years, after I had stopped watching. I would only watch an episode every now and then, and it would be horrible things like Kelly befriends a lesbian who jumps in front of a fire for her so that Kelly can continue her modeling career. Which, by the way, is the most disturbing plot ever.

Literally, Kelly befriends a lesbian who is obsessed with her, there’s a fire, and the lesbian jumps in front of Kelly and gets horribly disfigured so that Kelly can stay beautiful and continue being a model, and then Kelly goes and visits this disfigured lesbian in the hospital and says she’s sorry and then you never see the lesbian again. She just goes on with her sad, sad life that no one wants to have to watch. I was like, I’m not sure how I feel about this.

AE: Well you worked in TV — you worked on The L Word. When you are watching television, is it really different for you after writing for TV?

AS: I loved The L Word before I started writing for it — I came on in Season 3 — so there was a bit of reality crashing down when I realized Bette and Tina don’t actually live in a gorgeous house in sunny West Hollywood; they live in a fake, half cut-off house facade prop inside a dark warehouse in Vancouver.

Writing for The L Word was awesome, though. It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had, and I loved everyone I worked with. I will also say that the drama behind the scenes was even more scandalous than on-screen. In what way, I’m afraid I can’t tell.

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