Hello World, They’re Your Wild Girls: “The Runaways” Press Junket

The first thing I noticed about
Cherie Currie was her hair: a full, blond mane that could take on Lita
‘s ‘doo any day of the week.

Cherie shook all our hands and made
a joke about the unforgiving afternoon sunlight that filled the room.
I thought she looked great – like a woman who lived to tell. And tell,
she did.

Do you like the film? Is there anything you think they should have put
in, that they left out?
Cherie Currie:
There were some things I wish they had put it. There
were reasons why things happened. There were reasons why I cut my hair.
My twin sister’s boyfriend, who was in his 20s – and I’m only 15 –
had a thing for virgins. And as soon as he found out I was a virgin,
he made sure that I was not going to be [one] at force. And that sucked.
And so, I was very angry.

Q: So, cutting your hair
was in response to that?
Yeah, of course… The fact that I couldn’t quite deal with
the rape, I decided to become David Bowie. I hid out in David Bowie
for a while.

Q: Was there joy for you
in your Runaways experience?
Of course! There was so much joy, as long as Lita Ford wasn’t
in the room. [laughter] She was tough. Otherwise, it was a blast.

AfterEllen: Do you
anything would have changed, had the band
stayed together a little longer?
Yes. And that is really my only regret. I wouldn’t change
anything in my life, nothing, even as hard as some of these things were.
But I just wish somehow, we would have taken a couple of months off
and re-grouped. Because by the time I left this band – and again,
it was because Lita busted the door down and threatened me, physically
– I had just had enough by that time. If we had taken a couple of
months off and re-grouped, and started communicating again, I would
never have left that band.

AE: What do you think Sandy
West would say, if she were alive today?
[long pause] Oh God, I wish she was here. This would mean so
much to her. But I think she is here. I really do. I truly do, because
I don’t think Joan and I could do this otherwise. She was so deserving.

Q: What was your take on
seeing Dakota be you?
Come on! [It's like] the greatest cheesecake with the best
The great love affair! All the most magical things in life, all rolled
into one package called Dakota Fanning.

Q: What was
the thing that Dakota did that made you think, "That’s me"?
She comes across as smart in this film. And you know, I really
was. I kept really quiet [back then] but Dakota just got it. And she
wanted to know how I felt. What did I really feel when Lita threw that
magazine at me [during a big confrontation while on tour in Japan].
Or what did I feel when I realized that Kim [Fowley] had set me up?
And everyone was so mad at me, while I’m having the greatest experience
of my life in Japan. It’s ruined now and [the band] blamed me.

At first, [director] Floria
[Sigismondi] had it where Dakota really didn’t care. That is not the
fact. The fact was, it broke me up. It was horrible. It destroyed…
it was the starting of the end of the band, and that was Kim. Thank
God there are actresses like Dakota Fanning, who can actually take a
story that is so outrageous and make it real for me.

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